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Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate quotes

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Sarah Connor
T-800 / Carl

View Quote Brenner: Sorry, but I don't have time for this shit. And it's not my problem. I need basic information. Name, age, country of origin.
Dani: It's the truth, ma'am. I swear it. This machine, it killed my brother and my father, and now it wants to kill me, and he...
Brenner: Uh-huh.
Dani: Please! Officer, you have to believe me. You're in danger, too.
Brenner: No. I'm in Processing. You ought to save your story till you get where you're going, honey.
View Quote Dani: Please, Mr. Grummond. It's my brother.
Craig: But, Dani, he ain't you.
Dani: [sighs] What's next? 3,000 people out there. What happens if I tell them they're just keeping a spot warm for some machine?
View Quote Dani: What did you tell them?
T-800 / Carl: I told them you coming here makes this place unsafe for them. Also, the day I warned them might come, has come. My past has caught up with me. And... I won't be back.
Dani: Do you love them?
T-800 / Carl: Not like a human can. For many years, I thought it was an advantage. It isn't.
Dani: I'm sorry.
View Quote Rev-9: Expect a big ping, brother. My whole body's a weapon.
Border Patrol agent: Save it for the ladies.
[Metal detector beeps]
Rev-9: Sorry. Metal hip. Two tours in Afghanistan.
Border Patrol agent: All right. Thank you for your service.
View Quote Rev-9: I know she's a stranger to you. Why not just let me have her?
Sarah: Because we're not machines, you metal mother****er!
View Quote Sarah: So, that machine... who sent it? I can't fight it if I don't know what we're up against.
Grace: It's a Rev-9 model. You don't fight it. You run from it.
Dani: Yeah, but who sent it?
Grace: Not who. What. And it wasn't some... Skynet thing. In the future that actually happened... it's called Legion.
Sarah: Legion.
Grace: An AI built for cyber warfare.
Sarah: [sighs] Those assholes never learn.
View Quote Because I was her. And it sucks.
View Quote Do you believe in fate, Sarah? Or do you believe that we all can change the future every second, by every choice that we make? You chose to change the future. You chose to destroy Skynet. You set me free. And now, I'm going to help you protect the girl because I choose to.
View Quote Funerals don't help them. And goodbyes don't help you. You just have to learn to live with it.
View Quote There once was a future in which humankind was hunted by a machine that could think and Terminators built to kill. A future without hope. That future never happened, because I stopped it to protect my son and to save us all.