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Neil: All doors are fireproof. Hydraulic closers, simple key and electronic triggers. Surprisingly easy once there's a lockdown.
The Protagonist: Why a lockdown?
Neil: Power switches to fail-safes, sealing the outer doors, but inner doors revert to factory settings...and pickable locks. It's child's play, really.
The Protagonist: Child's play? They're inside airport security. They have to worry about climate control, not armed raids.
Neil: So, how do we get enough firepower through the perimeter to trigger the lockdown procedure?...Back wall of the Freeport?...
The Protagonist: You've got something?
Neil: Not gonna like it.
The Protagonist: [After Neil explains his plan off camera to The Protagonist] You wanna crash a plane?
Neil: Well, not from the air. Don't be so dramatic. I want to run a jet off the taxiway and breach the rear wall and start a fire.
The Protagonist: Well, how big a plane?
Neil: Well, that part is a little dramatic. [Walking up to Mahir sitting on a bench] This is Mahir. His team will work the plane.
The Protagonist: There can't be passengers.
Mahir: Norsk Freight...They use the hangar on the west side of the Freeport.
The Protagonist: You want to crash a transport plane? What about the crew?
Mahir: We pop the slides, chuck 'em off.
The Protagonist: On the move?
Mahir: What's the problem? They'll be fine.
The Protagonist: It seems bold.
Mahir: Bold I'm fine with. I thought you were gonna say nuts.
The Protagonist: And if you get caught?
Mahir: We won’t.
The Protagonist: And if you do?
Mahir: Everyone assumes terrorism, but no one's died so swift extradition then lost in the system. It'll barely make the news.
Neil: Oh...Depends on the size of the explosion.
Mahir: Well...Actually, The Gold Bars might get some play.
The Protagonist: Gold Bars?
Neil: Norsk Freight ships Treasury Gold once a month
Mahir: Blow the back. Drop it out on the runway.
Neil: No one will be looking at the building. I can guarantee you.
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