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Tenet quotes

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The Protagonist

View Quote The Protagonist: What did you find on the Gold?
Neil: No Franks, No Mold Marks. Nothing. How?
The Protagonist: Dead Drops. He buries his time capsule, transmits the location, then digs it up to collect the inverted materials they sent.
Neil: Seemingly instantaneous. Where's he bury it?
The Protagonist: Some place that won't be discovered for centuries. What did the soil samples show?
Neil: Northern Europe, Asia. Radioactive.
View Quote The Protagonist: What's happened, happened. I get it now. But it's harder to take things on trust from people speaking half-truths.
Neil: That's not fair.
The Protagonist: You were a part of this before we met. Were you working for Priya?
Neil: No.
The Protagonist: Who recruited you, Neil?
Neil: Can't possibly do you any good to know that right now. When this is over, we're still standing, and you still care, then you can hear my life story, okay?
View Quote The Protagonist: [Calls a Mumbai Contact on Cell Phone]
Contact: Yep?
The Protagonist: We Live in a Twilight World.
Contact: No Friends at Dusk...I was told you left the building.
The Protagonist: Even the Dead Need Allies.
Contact: Specifically?
The Protagonist: I need an assist in Mumbai, I need to get to Sanjay Singh.
Contact: Singh? He Never leaves his house. And his house is ummm...his house is...
The Protagonist: [Standing in front of a High Rise Building where Sanjay Singh Lives on the Top Floor] Yes, It Is...I'm looking right at it.
Contact: I'll see who's on deck. Bombay Yacht Club in two hours.
View Quote The Protagonist: [Points gun at wall and multiple bullets fly into the gun] Why does it feel so strange?
Laura: You're not shooting the bullet, you're catching it.
The Protagonist: Whoa. [Walks up closer to the wall] I've seen this type of ammunition before.
Laura: In the field?
The Protagonist: I was almost hit.
Laura: Then you were exceedingly lucky. An inverted bullet passing through your body would be devastating. Not Pretty.
The Protagonist: These look like today's.
Laura: They may have been made today and inverted years from now.
The Protagonist: Where did you get them?
Laura: Came with the wall. I was assigned it, like all the material I'm studying here.
The Protagonist: Do you have an analysis on the metals?
Laura: Sure. Why?
The Protagonist: The mixture of the alloys can tell me where they might have been made. Look...I'm not seeing Armageddon here.
View Quote The Protagonist: [Speaking to Neil after stealing the materials] Check the radio chatter. [Opens the Case to find an Unknown Object] I've seen samples of encapsulation in every weapons class. This is not one of them.
Neil: That's what he's after. [Sator Speaking Indistinctly on Radio]...I can't understand this.
The Protagonist: You said you spoke Estonian.
Neil: It's not Estonian...It's Backwards.
View Quote “What's happened’s happened.” Which is an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world. It’s not an excuse to do nothing.
View Quote Hurry up!
View Quote I realized I wasn’t working for you, we’ve both been working for me.
View Quote I'll see you at the beginning, friend!
View Quote Lying is the Standard Operational Procedure.
View Quote Sator's lifelong mission, financed and guided by the future, has been to find and reassemble the algorithm.
View Quote See? It’s me in there again, weaving another past in the fabric of this mission.
View Quote The world needs Tenet.
View Quote We’re the people saving the world from what might’ve been. World would never know what could happen. Even if they did, they wouldn’t care. Because no one cares about the bomb that didn’t go off, only the one that did. It’s the bomb that didn’t go off, the danger no one knew was real; that’s the bomb with the real power to change the world.
View Quote You have a future in the past. Years ago for me, years from now for you.