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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny quotes

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Store clerk

View Quote I can't wait to take Kage back to Hell! I'm gonna fill him with my hot demon gel, - I'll make him squeel like my scarlet pimpernell!
View Quote I totally miss the ****ed up things you do.
View Quote I was just following the code.
View Quote I'm in the air-vent, dude. Dude, I totally missed you.
View Quote I'm the Devil, I love metal! Check this riff it's ****in' tasty!!!!
View Quote Not a word unless its a ****ing masterpiece!!!
View Quote That's right, run! Unless you want some more of this! Yeah! Grrr!
View Quote Uh, we're just regular guys, you know. We're just, flesh, and bone.
View Quote When you can snatch this remote from my hand, then you can choose the channels we watch.
View Quote Yeah it was awesome, compared to bullshit! Compared to the greats! Compared with ****ing Beethoven!
View Quote You two bozos don't even realize, you've just stumbled upon the darkest secret in the history of rock. I actually saw it once, I used to be a guitar tech, and the lead guitarist comes on, holding this weird looking thing, with horns on, made of green ivory or some shit. He starts shredding licks way beyond his capabilities. Like shit it had to be coming from somewhere else. It was the Pick, it wasn't him. He didn't know what he had, though. So at the end of the show he just flicks it back into the audience. Some kid catches it. Kid named Eddie van Halen. So I started researching it. I quit my job, moved to Rome, learned Latin. I came to the trust of the senior librarian at the Vatican, he called himself Signore Papadillo - He led me into some shit you wouldn't believe. You see this: It's an ancient scroll, all in Latin. I translated it. Took me six years. Turns out this thing goes deeper than you can imagine. Way deeper. Back to the Dark ages. See this: Long ago, a dark wizard used his power to conjure up Satan himself! Satanos - That's Latin for Satan. A horrific battle of violence ensued, but the ancient demon was far too powerful. Luckily, a blacksmith heard the Beast's roars. The Devil was drawn back into the fires of Hell, and the dark wizard was totally stoked to be alive. With a long draw of his hash pipe, the wizard sought a way to repay the blacksmith. The blacksmith loved a fair maiden, but in order to gain her affection, he would need a true master's skill to leave her moist and wanting. The dark wizard fashioned the demon's tooth into a pick, enabling the blacksmith to play the most masterful of melodies on his lute - Thereby winning the heart of the maiden he loved. The secret of the Pick died with that blacksmith, but then, poof, all of a sudden, it reappears back in the American South, at the turn of the century, in Robert Johnson's fingers, and spawns the birth of the blues, and rock 'n roll. The Pick is a tiny part of the Beast, and so it has supranatural qualities, a whole other level above super.