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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze quotes

14 total quotes


April O'Neil: Where's Splinter?
Leonardo:He's been on the roof ever since he saw your report.
April O'Neil: Doing what?
Splinter: Coming.
[Appears in window]
Splinter: to a decision.

Donatello: You take the ugly one!
Raphael: No, YOU take the ugly one!
Leonardo: I'LL take the ugly one!
Michelangelo: Which one's the ugly one?!

Keno: So, basically, you guys were slimed?
Raphael: It wasn't slime, it was ooze.

Leonardo: Hey, guys, huddle. Mikey, you go up the middle. You guys get the sides. Get it?
Donatello: Got it.
Raphael: Good.
Michelangelo: Uuh, I don't get it.

Michelangelo: Aah, ninja pizza!
Donatello: Ninja pizza?
Michelangelo: Pizza that vanish quickly without trace!

Michelangelo: Primo workout, dudes!
Leonardo: Yeah!
Raphael: We showed those guys, huh?
Leonardo: Muy primo, bros!
Donatello: Turtle-riffic!
Raphael: Max-amundo!
Donatello: A cappella!
Others: Hun?
Donatello: Perestroika?
[Others moan.]
Donatello: Okay, I got it. "Frere Jacques."
[Donatello starts singing "Frere Jacques" by himself.]
Michelangelo: Donny, give it up.

Shredder: [about Tokka and Rahzar] They are stupid!
TGRI scientist: They're not stupid, they're infants!
[Rahzar hits Tokka on the head with a bar]
TGRI scientist: OK, they're stupid infants.

Splinter: Their world can never be ours.
Michelangelo: Uuuh... not even pizza?
Splinter: Pizza's... okay.
[Turtles sign with relief]
Michelangelo: Man, give a guy a heart attack.

[The three Turtles infiltrate The Shredder's junkyard.]
:Leonardo: The perimeter's quiet.
Donatello: Yeah, a little too quiet.
Leonardo: Come on.
[The Turtles sneak forward.]
Donatello: Well, that was easy.
Leonardo: Yeah, a little too easy.
Donatello: Look, it's Raph!
Michelangelo: Yeah, a little too Raph.

[After seeing the hi-tech TGRI lab] Woah! Like, video games in 3-D!

[After using sausage links as nunchucks] Combat Coldcuts!

[to Tatsu] You know, pal, if I had a face like yours, I'd try and make up for it with some sort of personality.

[Trying to understand elaborate toxic waste disposal machinery] I'll say special! Hey, look at this! Where do you put the quarter? --

Babies!! They're babies!! (strange angry gargling noise in his throat)