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Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie quotes

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Dr. Fusion

View Quote Brady: So all you guys do around here is hang, eat and, surf?
Tanner: Is there any other way?
Brady: Sounds perfect.
View Quote Brady: You know what we should do?
McKenzie: Surf?
Brady: Sing!
[the two of them and a bunch of other people break out in a dance and song number]
View Quote Lela: We're gonna surf.
Tanner: What, you like to surf?
Lela: I know! It's like riding a cloud. Except the cloud is water.
Tanner: No way! I said the same thing! Except, well... Not right now.
Lela: I know that Bikers aren't supposed to like surfing, but I don't care. Oh, my gosh. I don't care!
Tanner: You don't? Hey, you know what?
Lela: No, I don't know that either.
Tanner: I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle.
Lela: Are you serious?
Tanner: No, I'm Tanner.
Lela: I grew up riding.
Tanner: Is that why you're... stunning as a moon, lighteth up a day?
Lela: Who said that?
Tanner: I just did.
Lela: Wow, I really like your low voice.
Tanner: Thanks. I can do HIIIIGH too.
View Quote McKenzie: Remember that movie about the robot who drank liquor from an abandoned spaceship, turned into a vampire middle school teacher who taught the entire school how to salsa dance, and then went on to win the regional championship?
Brady: Yeah.
McKenzie: That movie made more sense than this.
View Quote McKenzie: You know what I have never done?
Lela: Eaten a rock? Kissed a squirrel?
McKenzie: All exciting things, but no.
View Quote [Dr. Fusion and Camembert are stuck on a floating device in the middle of the ocean after being blown out from the lighthouse]
Les Camembert: I'm not sure I like the way this movie ends.
Dr. Fusion: Movie? What movie?
Les Camembert: Glad you asked. It seems we're all in this movie, and we're the villains.
Dr. Fusion: Intriguing. [takes off his fake mustache] Tell me more.
View Quote [overhearing the diabolical plot of a pair of movie villains] And this thing never won an Oscar.
View Quote [stuck inside the lighthouse with the machine about to blow up] I can't even imagine a scenario where this works out well for us.
View Quote [while he and McKenzie are captured by Les Camembert] It could be worse. At least my favorite movie wasn't "Tarantulas on a Train."
View Quote I know karate! And, like, two other Japanese words.