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View Quote When I am forgotten, as I shall be,And sleep in dull cold marble, * * * *Say, I taught thee.
View Quote William Shakespeare, Henry VIII (c. 1613), Act III, scene 2, line 433.
View Quote We'll set thee to school to an ant, to teach thee there's no labouring i' the winter.
View Quote William Shakespeare, King Lear (1608), Act II, scene 4, line 67.
View Quote Schoolmasters will I keep within my house,Fit to instruct her youth. * * * * * * To cunning menI will be very kind, and liberalTo mine own children in good bringing up.
View Quote William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew (c. 1593-94), Act I, scene 1, line 94.
View Quote I do present you with a man of mine,Cunning in music and the mathematics,To instruct her fully in those sciences.
View Quote William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew (c. 1593-94), Act II, scene 1, line 55.
View Quote He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.
View Quote George Bernard Shaw, "Maxims for Revolutionists", appendix 2 to Man and Superman, in his Selected Plays with Prefaces (1948), vol. 3, p. 733.
View Quote Each of these private teachers who work for pay, whom the politicians call sophists and regard as their rivals, inculcates nothing else than these opinions of the multitude which they opine when they are assembled and calls this knowledge wisdom. It is as if a man were acquiring the knowledge of the humors and desires of a great strong beast which he had in his keeping, how it is to be approached and touched, and when and by what things it is made most savage or gentle, yes, and the several sounds it is wont to utter on the occasion of each, and again what sounds uttered by another make it tame or fierce, and after mastering this knowledge by living with the creature and by lapse of time should call it wisdom, and should construct thereof a system and art and turn to the teaching of it, knowing nothing in reality about which of these opinions and desires is honorable or base, good or evil, just or unjust, but should apply all these terms to the judgments of the great beast, calling the things that pleased it good, and the things that vexed it bad, having no other account to render of them, but should call what is necessary just and honorable, never having observed how great is the real difference between the necessary and the good, and being incapable of explaining it to another. ... Do you suppose that there is any difference between such a one and the man who thinks that it is wisdom to have learned to know the moods and the pleasures of the motley multitude in their assembly, whether about painting or music or, for that matter, politics?
View Quote Socrates in Plato, The Republic, 493a
View Quote Neither my life in school nor my life away from school is particularly blissful. My car breaks down, I quarrel with my friends, I get sick, and I worry about my children. I have to keep a watch on my moods, needs, biases, weaknesses, and limits in order to see how they are affecting my work. If I can monitor how my emotions are at play in my classroom, I can better put a break on them when they are destructive, and better allow my joyful, level, nurturant side to dominate.
View Quote Bob Strachota, On Their Side: Helping Children Take Charge of Their Learning (1996), p. 75
View Quote To teach is to touch the heart and impel it to action.
View Quote Louis Sullivan, architect, mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright, "Kindergarten Chats and Other Writings".
View Quote A secure teacher expects to be a learner all day, every day, and is comfortable with the ambiguity of that role. It’s not so important to be “right” as to be open; it’s not so important to have all the answers as to be hungry for them. A secure teacher leaves school each day with important questions to puzzle about overnight and the belief that each day contains the insights necessary for a more effective tomorrow. A secure teacher believes that having these kinds of insights is professionally challenging and personally satisfying.
View Quote Carol Ann Tomlinson, The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners (2014), p. 49
View Quote I do not allow a woman to teach or to usurp authority over the man.
View Quote 1 Timothy 2 v 12
View Quote The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.
View Quote Alexandra K. Trenfor, in a widely used internet quote.
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