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Target (1985)

Target (1985) quotes

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Chris Lloyd
Walter Lloyd

View Quote Barney Taber: [to Clay about one of his agents] Where did you recruit him? In the Sears catalog?
View Quote Clay: [in East Germany] If I want to worry, I'll worry; free ****ing country, right?
View Quote Chris Lloyd: Look, I don't know who you were in the old days but don't you think I should do the driving now?
Walter Lloyd: Just don't worry, okay? I think I can handle it.
Chris Lloyd: Alright. Here we go to Hamburg at 20 miles an hour.
View Quote Proprietress Marie Louis Mansion: Welcome to Berlin! Are you here for -business or pleasure?
Walter Lloyd: Funeral.
View Quote Walter Lloyd: I hope you're not going to fool around because I have a lot of things to do.
Donna Lloyd: You mean Miss Twinkle Tits in banking?
View Quote Walter Lloyd: They gave us new papers, new jobs, new names. The works... everything.
Chris Lloyd: New names?
Walter Lloyd: Yeah.
Chris Lloyd: Oh, Oh. Wait a minute. We were at the hotel and Taber asked you, "What name?" This is not my name? What's my name?
Walter Lloyd: Derek, Derek Potter. I'm Duncan. This is where the "Duke" comes from.
View Quote Walter Lloyd: You know the rule as well as I do: an agent's family was sacred.
Schroeder: And you broke that rule!
Walter Lloyd: No! Not me, not my people. I checked them out, every one of them. I held my own investigation.
Schroeder: I evacuate myself on your investigation!
View Quote [to Chris] A long time ago I worked for the CIA.
View Quote [to Mason] Do yourself a favor and take the rest of your life off. If I see you again ... I won't see you again.
View Quote Tourists? We're not talking about tourists here, we're talking about mom! And I know you, you don't drink unless you're nervous.