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Tangled: Before Ever After

Tangled: Before Ever After quotes

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View Quote Eugene (narrating):
This is the story of how I died...and went to Heaven. Okay, here's the lineup. You see, a single drop of sunlight fell down from the sky, from which grew a magical golden flower. This old woman, Mother Gothel, sang to said flower to sustain her youth. Flower healed Queen, a baby girl- Rapunzel- was born with the flower's magical healing powers. Until- Gothel stole the Princess and had her locked up in a tower for eighteen years. And then, the princess was rescued by a dazzling, swashbuckling rouge. Now, some people may have called him a thief, but I prefer the term "misunderstood good guy."
Rapunzel: Eugene, focus.
Eugene: So the princess- that's you- and the swashbuckling rouge- that's me- made a deal. we followed some lanterns, I saved you from Gothel, you saved me from death. And then you got the worlds' most overly dramatic haircut.
Rapunzel: And then I was reunited with my long-lost family. Six months have passed. I was loving life inside the castle of Corona, but that is where our new story begins.
Rapunzel: Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
Eugene: Yes. Yes I have. So how about we make you an official princess?
Rapunzel: Oh, is that today?
Eugene: Very funny.
(Looks at the view of the rising sun all over the kingdom of Corona)
Rapunzel: Whoa. Eugene, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
Eugene: Yes. Yes I have.
Eugene: That girl over there.
(points to lovely girl across the land)
Queen Arianna: Rapunzel just needs some space. No one said dealing with teenagers would be easy.
King Fredric: Teenager or not, Arianna, she will be queen one day. I have to prepare her for that.
(Recalls that horrible night, 18 years ago, when his infant daughter was taken)
King Fredric: Guards! My child! Rapunzel!! (to his wife) I just want to protect her.
Rapunzel: What are they?
Cassandra: Nobody knows. They just sprouted up here about a year ago. And watch this. You might wanna stand back for this.
(Uses her sword on the rock spikes, which breaks with ease and the thorn-like rocks remain intact)
Rapunzel: Whoa.
Cassandra: They're unbreakable.
Cassandra: This is where they found the miracle flower that saved your mom.
Rapunzel: And me.
Cassandra: Told you I'd get you in and out. Piece of cake.
Rapunzel: Piece of cake!? Piece of cake? Uh, did you see the 70 feet of "my father's going to kill me" coming from my head?
Cassandra: So what are going for here? Maybe a bob, a pixie?
Rapunzel: Just cut it!
Cassandra: Uh no.
Rapunzel: What do you mean "uh oh"? There shouldn't be any "uh ohs". Uh oh.
Eugene: Holy hair!
(Sees Rapunzel's regrown 70 feet-long blonde hair all over the bedchamber)
Rapunzel: Heh. Surprise.
Rapunzel: The coronation is in two hours! How am I supposed to cut this hair!?
Cassandra: I may have an idea.
Rapunzel: I have a lot of princess-ing up to do.
King Fredric: You're right, Ariana. Teenagers are a whole new frontier.
Rapunzel: The Duchess?
Lady Cain: Oh, I am no duchess.
Rapunzel: I don't understand.
Lady Cain: Of course you wouldn't, Rapunzel. But try to follow along. This is all your fault!
Rapunzel: What?
Lady Cain: You see, after your untimely disappearance, your father locked every criminal in the kingdom, including a petty thief: My father! I saw him thrown into a cage and hauled away. Never to be seen again!! So now I'm returning the favor. Your turn, Your Majesty.
Rapunzel: Dad?
King Fredric: Rapunzel, stay back.
Rapunzel: But, Dad!
King Fredric: As your father and your king I command you to stay put.
Rapunzel: Sorry, Dad. I can't stay put.
King Fredric: Rapunzel!
(Removes the powered wig, letting her 70 feet blonde hair flow all over)
Eugene (to himself): That's my girl.
Rapunzel: Let...them...go!
Lady Cain: Heh. It's amazing what you can hide under those wigs isn't it, Princess? Come on! Let's move out!!
Lady Cain: Now you're just making me angry!
Rapunzel: Good 'cause I'm just getting started!
King Fredric: Rapunzel! Your hair!
Rapunzel: I know! We'll talk about it latter! Please get somewhere safe, and take care of Mom!
King Fredric: Rapunzel!
Lady Cain: You have no idea who you're dealing with!
Rapunzel: Believe me! I've dealt with much worse!
Eugene: Whoa, Lady Cain, it's impolite to leave in the middle of a party.
Cassandra: You think you'd know that.
King Fredric: So I'm trying to understand this. You snuck out last night, went beyond the walls of Corona where you touched a mysterious rock that somehow caused your hair to return?
Rapunzel: Yes.
King Fredric: And you acted alone?
Rapunzel: Look, I know you're angry. But can't you see? I'm okay. I'm more than okay.
King Fredric: Rapunzel...There's something I need to tell you: I love you. The night you were taken, a part of me died; the best part of me. For eighteen long, agonizing years I swore that if somehow, someway by some miracle, the Fates decided to show mercy and return you to me, I would never let anything happen to you again. And now that this has returned, the very reason you were snatched away from me in the first place, I'm afraid I'm left with no choice, Sweetheart. As of tonight I am forced to exercise my martial right as king to forbid you from leaving the walls of this kingdom without my consent.
Rapunzel: Father!
King Fredric: And know this: This is the last we will speak of mystical rocks or magic of any kind. To anyone. Is that understood?
Rapunzel: There is so much more to me than you think.
Eugene: I believe someone ordered room service?
Rapunzel (touched): Eugene? How did you know?
Eugene: I had a feeling. Look, I just wanted to clear some stuff up. I didn't have a chance to apologize for putting you on the spot with that proposal earlier.
Rapunzel: Looking back, maybe storming out of the room probably wasn't the best reaction. I'm sorry.
Eugene: No. No, don't apologize. Look, I'll admit I still don't quite understand why you said no. But I promise to do everything I can until I do.
Rapunzel: Thanks, Eugene.
Eugene: In the meantime, we'll stay right here and take things slowly.
(Strokes her 70-feet long blonde hair)
Eugene: I missed this.
Rapunzel: Hey, promise me one thing.
Eugene: Anything.
Rapunzel: That you'll be patient with me.
Eugene: Absolutely. Good night, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Good night, Eugene.
Rapunzel (singing):
Back to life after happily ever after
Stuck inside once again and I'm gazing out
True, I'm in here with those I hold dear
Surrounded by their love
And for some that's more than enough, no doubt
But I got the wind in my hair
And a fire within 'cause there's something beginning!
I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare!
That beautiful breeze blowing through
I'm ready to follow it who knows where?
And I'll get there I swear
With the wind in my hair!!