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Captain Briggs: [shouting] In more than 30 years of police work, this is the single, most OUTRAGEOUS transgression of authority I ever heard about. What the HELL did you think you were doing?
Harry Callahan: My job.
Captain Briggs: Is it your job, to harass and incite an old man into a heart attack?
Harry Callahan: My job is to investigate homicide. That old man happens to be one of the biggest crime lords on the west coast. How the hell was I supposed to know he was gonna vapor-lock?
Captain Briggs: But you hoped he would?
Harry Callahan: The Doker case is mine. It was at a standstill. I was just trying to break it loose.
Captain Briggs: Sure, with threats and intimidation!
Harry Callahan: Any way possible!
Captain Briggs: Are you aware that you have destroyed MONTHS - of intelligence & surveillance work? We're talking thousands of dollar, hundreds of man-hours? Special investigations has been BUSTING ITS ASS preparing a case against Threlkis.
Harry Callahan: He would have just snaked his way out of it. Maybe we saved the taxpayers a little money.
Captain Briggs: I ought to bust your ass down to traffic. Or better yet, kick it off the force! You're a dinosaur, Callahan. Your ideas don't fit today.
Harry Callahan: Just what ideas are these? That murder's a crime? That it should be punished?
Captain Briggs:[sneering] Hey, don't you lecture me, you son-of-a-bitch. You know who you're talking to, huh? You know MY record?
Harry Callahan: Yeah. You're a legend in your own mind!
Captain Briggs: Goddamn you, Callahan!
Police Commissioner: Gentlemen, that's enough! Inspector, your methods are unconventional to say the least. Well, you get results. But often your successes are more costly to this department in terms of publicity & physical destruction than most other men's failures!
Lt. Donnelly: Commissioner, now I...
Police Commissioner: Please, Lieutenant! The press will have a field day with this latest escapade. There may be further civil & legal repercussions. As a matter of fact there may even be attempts at retaliation. I think it would be wise if the inspector took some time off.
[Briggs nods approvingly]

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