N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Snowbell: Ohh, Stuart, we've been walking for hours. I can't take another step. You know me, I hate to be negative, but when I walk this much, I chafe! Also, I...I hate to bring this up, but... I need to go tinky!
Stuart: How 'bout the alley?
Snowbell: I'm a house cat. We're fastidious creatures! We don't just yell "BOMBS AWAY!", and go wherever we are! Oh, look, let's face it, we're never gonna find her!
Stuart: If only we knew someone who really knew the city.
Snowbell: Yeah, somebody who knows the city's disgusting underbelly. Who do I know that's disgusting?
[Scene cuts to Monty being thrown out of a Chinese restaurant and into a dumpster]
Chinese Restaurant Owner: [to Monty, in Chinese] Nǐ zàilái zhèlǐ, wǒ huì tōngguò Visa jīqì lái guǎnlǐ nǐ de! [Translation: You come back here again, I'll run you through the Visa machine!] [he brushes his hands and tell his workers in Chinese to get back to work and closes the door]
Monty: Don't you threaten me! What I could tell the health inspector would close you down in a New York minute!
Snowbell: [offscreen] Hey, Monty!
Monty: [sees Snowbell] Snowbell! He-hey! He-hey! Snowbell! What are you doing here?
Snowbell: We've been looking all over for you.
Stuart: We need your help.
Monty: Hey, Snow, buddy, are you two still friends, or can I eat him?
Snowbell: No, Monty, you can't eat him.
Monty: [pleading] Please?
Snowbell: [strictly] NO! Now pay attention. What do you know about a bird called Falcon?
Monty: "Falcon"? Ohh, that's a bad guy, you don't wanna fool with him.
Stuart: Do you know where we can find him?
Monty: You don't wanna find him. You don't want to have anything to do with him. Trust me! He'd eat you so fast, you'd be a pile of falcon-poop before you could yell for help! Falcons are vicious! They grab you by the back of the neck and carry you so high you can't even see the ground, and then they drop ya, and by the time you hit the pavement, they just drink what's left through a straw!
Stuart: Snowbell, are you all right?
Snowbell: [looking terrified] Oh, yeah. In fact, good news: I no longer need a litterbox.
Monty: [guffaws loudly] Mop-up on Aisle 3! [laughs] Snowie!
Snowbell: Stu, listen. This whole thing has been a groove and a gas, but it's important to know when the fun's over. You don't want to be that last, pathetic person who leaves a party.
Stuart: I told you, I'm not givin' up! We're gonna find the Falcon.
Monty: Well, all right, then, it's your funeral. Okay, listen. Listen gracefully. The Falcon lives across the park at the very tip-top of the Pishkin Building. Not many people go up there... and even fewer return.
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