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Stuart: Meanwhile, you can use my cat's bed.
Margalo: You have a cat?!
Stuart: Oh, don't worry about Snowbell. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
[Outside, Snowbell catches a fly and eats it]
Snowbell: [burps] Whoa, those flies really come back on you. [goes back into the house] Uhh. I try to eat right, and yet, I still feel bloated. Hm. Maybe more food'll help. [eats from his food bowl]
Margalo: Hi, there.
Snowbell: [alarmed] AAH!
Margalo: Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.
Snowbell: Scare me? That's a laugh! [laughs] Hear that? That was a laugh. [hisses at Margalo, and starts coughing] Hairball: Major hairball! Ugh! And yet, we continue to lick ourselves. Unbelievable.
Stuart: Hey, Snowbell. Meet Margalo. She's gonna be staying with us for a while.
Snowbell: Staying?! Are you out of your mind?! Stuart, you can't just drag stray birds in here! What do you think this is, a halfway house? Look at her, she's filthy! No offense. She could have germs. And how do you know she's not a vagrant or a thief? Get rid of her!
Mrs. Little: [from offscreen] Hi, we're home! Sorry we're late.
Stuart: Little high, little low!
Mrs. Little: Little hey, little ho!
Margalo: What the heck was that?
Stuart Little: Oh, that's just how we greet each other.
Margalo: Interesting.
Snowbell: Nauseating is more like it. You're in for it now, missy! Mother Little hates when animals walk in here off the street. When she sees this, she's gonna throw a fit!
[Mrs. Little walks in, crouches down, and gently picks up Margalo]
Mrs. Little: [softly] Oh! Such a pretty little birdie!
Snowbell: [walking out of the room] Maybe it's just my friends she hates.
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