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Stuart Little 2

Stuart Little 2 quotes

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View Quote [Mrs. Little has just found out George lied to her about where Stuart is]
Will: What are you going to do now?
George: Which way's Canada?
View Quote [Snowbell is in a paint can, and Falcon is about to roll him off the building]
Margalo: Don't do it, Falcon, or else!
Snowbell: Do what?! What's he doing?!
Falcon: Or else what?
Margalo: Or else, you'll lose... this. [Margalo holds up Mrs. Little's ring]
Falcon: Put that down, Margalo!
Margalo: I'm through doing what you tell me to do. I'm leaving you, Falcon, forever!
Falcon: Oh, and what do you think you'll be without me?!
Margalo: Free. [flies off]
Falcon: Big mistake! I'll be back for you, furball.
Snowbell: Don't hurry!
View Quote [Snowbell is sleeping, and Stuart wakes him up, and asks him to join his search in finding Margalo]
Stuart: [whispers] Snow? Snowbell?
Snowbell: AAAH! The good silverware's in the dining room! Take whatever you want, but don't hurt me!
Stuart: It's me, Stuart.
Snowbell: Oh, you. This better be important.
Stuart: Margalo's still missing.
Snowbell: I should've been more specific. I meant "important to me"!
Stuart: I was going to go look for her, and I was hoping that you could come with me.
Snowbell: Look, Stuart. Do yourself a favor. Buy a parakeet and forget her.
Stuart: I can't forget her! She's in terrible trouble, and I have to help her! I mean, what am I, a man or a...mouse?
Snowbell: Uh... is that a trick question?
Stuart: Come on, you gotta help me.
Snowbell: Mmm-hmm, and, uh, why would I do that?
Stuart: Well, because we're family, and, and because, I'd do the same for you. And because if you don't, and the Littles ask where I've gone, George is gonna tell them that you ate me.
Snowbell: [outraged] WHAT?!? Why, you little rat! Oooh! You know something? Everybody thinks you're so nice. You're not so nice.
View Quote [Snowbell looks at a restaurant menu]
Snowbell: Salmon, catfish, tuna... Why do they taunt me?
Stuart: How can you think of food at a time like this? Stay on track, will you?
Snowbell: Look, I'm nervous. When I'm nervous, I eat. Cause I know, in my growling gut, that if anything happens to you, I'll be blamed! I'm sure the Littles already know we're gone and are planning on replacing me with a hamster!
Stuart: Don't worry. George has us covered.
Snowbell: George?! George doesn't know poop from applesauce! And I say that with a great deal of affection.
View Quote [The falcon lands behind Margalo, stomping his feet loud enough to startle her]
Falcon: Remember me?
Margalo: You scared me.
Falcon: What can I say? I'm a scary guy. So, Margalo, what's going on here? You case the joint? Any valuables? Come on, thrill me, chill me.
Margalo: They ain't got much. The mom's got a ring, but it's only two carats.
Falcon: All right, okay, fine. So what else have they got?
Margalo: [nervously] Well, you know, not that much. I mean, they mostly just have... each other.
Falcon: [sarcastic] Awww. A moment while I vomit.
Margalo: Why don't we just try somewhere else?
Falcon: Why? Because you're set up here! They trust you, they like you. [smiles slyly] Ahh, and maybe, you like them.
[Margalo scoffs and tries to fly away, but Falcon follows her]
Falcon: Hey, Margalo, come on, huh? [chuckles] Don't con a conman.
Margalo: Well, nobody else ever invited me to live with them.
Falcon: Oh, really? Who found a pitiful orphaned bird, and plucked her out of the gutter? Who shared his food with her? And, I hasten to add, taught her a trade? Who?
Margalo: [humbly] You did.
Falcon: I did, right! [sternly] Well, then, straighten up and fly right. And remember, you are here on business. You're not here to play around! [flies away]
Margalo: Come on, Falcon! When I'm on a job, I never play around!
View Quote [after Stuart's car breaks down] This is a sign, Stuart. Like the burning bush... except it's a carburetor and I'm not Moses.
View Quote [trying to get the Littles' attention] Ho little, hoo wittle, hey wattle...
View Quote [trying to keep up with Stuart in his car] Hey! Mario Andretti, slow down! Let's pace ourselves! I'm gonna have a heart attack! I think I'm having a thrombosis! And I don't even know what that means!
View Quote [when asked to clean up Martha's spilled oatmeal] Oh, great. It's glop. Look what I'm reduced to. I'm a Handi-Wipe with hair!
View Quote Giving up is fun! And just think of the time you save! I'm telling ya, Stuart – if more people gave up, there'd be fewer wars.
View Quote I try to eat right, and yet I still feel bloated. Maybe more food will help.
View Quote I'll bet something terrible has happened. Oh, the Littles will kill me! I know, I'll bring home another mouse in a snazzy outfit, teach him to drive a sports car, and pass him off as Stuart! Oh, who am I kidding?! I have to get up there! But how? [cut to Snowbell being elevated upward on a window washing platform, nervously looking down at the street below] I hope I live to regret this..
View Quote You've got guts, kid! Guts, and... and spunk! Not to mention moxie! You've got guts, spunk, and moxie!