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The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers quotes

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Sam Masterson
Toni Marachek

View Quote Hotel clerk: There's half as many baths as there is rooms. Half the rooms has a bath and half hasn't; that's one way of looking at it. Another is - for each two rooms one has a bath in the middle and the other hasn't - or - you might say - there's a half a bath to each of two rooms.
View Quote Mrs. Ivers: [to Mr. O'Neill] I know why you offered to tutor Martha. I know why you've made Walter do his daily lessons with her. I know why you want him to live here. A scholarship for Walter, that's why! But I'm not a foundation, Mr. O'Neil. I don't care if Walter drives a truck or goes to Harvard. Probably be a lot happier driving a truck.
View Quote Martha Ivers: [Upon letting herself into Sam's hotel room unannounced, seeing Toni modeling a new swim suit] The sun suit looks very well on her Sam, she's got just the figure for it. She's a very pretty girl.
Toni Marachek: I give another show at 8 o'clock.
Martha Ivers: In your room or here?
View Quote Martha Ivers: A sure thing is never a gamble.
Sam Masterson: No? What odds you give that that's a fact?
View Quote Martha Ivers: Why didn't you stop me, Sam? You know how much I hated her! Why didn't you stop me?
Sam Masterson: I wasn't there.
Martha Ivers: Why didn't you stop... [realizes] You weren't there?
Sam Masterson: No, I left as soon as I saw your aunt enter the room.
View Quote Sailor: [after the car crashed] What happened?
Sam Masterson: The road curved, I didn't.
View Quote Sam Masterson: [Recounting the time he was away from Iverstown] That brings us up to my 21st birthday when I became a man officially.
Martha Ivers: How did it feel to become a man - officially?
Sam Masterson: I'd been there before.
View Quote Toni Marachek: Maybe you think I've been trying too hard to get acquainted.
Sam Masterson: Maybe you have.
Toni Marachek: Maybe you think that's wrong.
Sam Masterson: Maybe it's too soon to tell.
Toni Marachek: I wonder what you're thinking.
Sam Masterson: I don't think you'll take up too much room in my Stanley Steamer.
Toni Marachek: Maybe you're all right.
View Quote Toni Marachek: You know what probation is?
Sam Masterson: Sure! A knife stickin' in your back!
View Quote Walter O'Neil: I wasn't going to shoot.
Sam Masterson: I wasn't gonna wait and see.
View Quote [Offering a hotel room Gideon Bible] I'll loan you a book for a couple of cigarettes if you don't mind what kind of book it is.
View Quote Go ahead and hit me, Sam. I've got it coming.
View Quote I missed a bus once and I was lucky. I wanted to see if I could be lucky twice.
View Quote Look! I don't like to get pushed around. I don't like people I like to be pushed around. I don't like anybody to get pushed around.