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Clairee: Shelby, you scared us. That wasn't a nice thing to do to your mama. You should never say something like that to a woman who's marinating fifty pounds of crab claws
Truvy: Oh, but the makin' up can be extremely romantic. I miss romance so much.
Clairee: Oh, Truvy, it can't be that bad.
Truvy: Oh really, now? Well, the last romantic thing my husband did for me was back in 1972. He enclosed this carport so that I could support him!
M'Lynn: Well, Truvy, now I think I have somethin' that could cheer you up. Drum and l have been plannin' to talk to your husband about buildin' a room on to our house.
Truvy: M'Lynn, are you serious? lf you give Spud a job, l'll give you hot oil treatments for the rest of your life! Annelle, this looks pretty good. I think you know what you're doin'.
Annelle: Thank you!! Mrs. Eatenton, you have great hair. And your scalp's as clean as a whistle.
M'Lynn: I try.
Truvy: Well, it must run in the family. This young'un's got the prettiest hair l've ever had my hands in. So thick. Well, just because l'm braggin' on you don't mean you can get lazy on me. Hold your head up, Shelby.
Shelby: Stop it!!
Truvy: Shelby? Shelby! M'Lynn!!
Clairee: I'll get some juice!!
M'Lynn: Truvy, there's some candy in my purse.
Truvy: I have some right here. [grabs a peppermint]
M'Lynn: Shelby. Shelby. Hold on. Clairee's getting you some juice. Shelby. Shelby. Shelby.
Truvy: Should I get her a cookie?
M'Lynn: No, juice is better.
Clairee: Here's the juice!!
M'Lynn: Shelby! Shelby, you need some juice. You need some juice.
Shelby: Stop it, Mama!
M'Lynn: Drink the juice.
Truvy: Please drink the juice.
Shelby: No! Stop it, Mama! l have some candy in my purse.
M'Lynn: No, you didn't bring your purse, sweetheart. You didn't bring your purse. No you didn't!! No, here you go. There you go. Drink some of this. lt's not any wonder with all this runnin' around and weddin' nonsense.
Annelle: Excuse me. Should l call the doctor or somethin'?
Truvy: No! No!
Clairee: She's a diabetic.
M'Lynn: She just has a little too much insulin, that's all. We'll get a little more in her. She'll be all right.
Shelby: lf you don't leave me alone, l'm gonna leave.
M'Lynn: Oh, I'd love to see you try!! Cooperate, please!!
Truvy: Honey, drink, please!!
M'Lynn: Come on, now. Thattagirl. Yes, yes, yes, yes. There you go. There you go. There, there. That's a start.
Clairee: This one hit her fast.
M'Lynn: Yeah. She's been so upset lately. Dr. Mitchell told her on her last appointment…children aren't possible.
Shelby: Don't talk about me like l'm not here.
M'Lynn: [slight laugh] Oh, oh, oh, oh, she's makin' some sense now. Yes, she is. This one was not bad at all. It was not bad at all. No, l think we needa little more juice.
Annelle: Could l do somethin' to help?
M'Lynn: No, no. She'll be fine. Don't fuss over her.
Clairee: Here, M'Lynn.
M'Lynn: Thanks.
Truvy: I'm really sorry about the children part, M'Lynn.
M'Lynn: I know. Shelby's afraid Jackson will be throwin' away his chance to have children.
Shelby: Jackson said: Shelby, don't be stupid. There's plenty of kids out there need good homes.
M'Lynn: Drink some.
Shelby: We'll adopt 10 of them. We'll buy them if we have to.
Clairee: Jackson sounds like good people to me.
Shelby: Oh Mama, I'm sorry!!
M'Lynn: That's all right, honey.
Shelby: I'm sorry!!
M'Lynn: lt's all right. lt's all over now. lt's all—You hold your juice.
Shelby: Okay.
M'Lynn: lt's all over. hold your juice.
Shelby: Okay.
M'Lynn: All right.
Shelby: Okay.
Truvy: You all right?
Shelby: Truvy, I'm sorry!!
Truvy: Oh, I'll fix it!! We'll fix it!!
Shelby: Okay. [drinks more juice] Okay.
Drum: What'd I do with my gun?
Jonathan: Well, where'd ya leave it?
Drum: How the hell do I know? Well, come on, we got work to do. Daylight's burnin'. Gotta get rid of some birds!!
Jonathan: Whoo!! Got the arrows, Daddy!!
Drum: All right, all right. Hey lookie here, lookie here!!
Tommy: Yeah, and I got the target!!
Drum: No, we're not goin target shootin', forget it.
Shelby: Miss Clairee, what cute shoes!
Clairee: Ya think so? I'm not so sure myself. They seem a little too racy for me. I'll probably give em away.
Truvy: Oh, they're just too cha-cha for words. if you decide to get rid of em, I'll buy em from ya.
Clairee: What size you wear?
Truvy: Well in a good shoe, I wear a size 6. But a 7 feels so good, I buy a size 8.
Clairee: They're 8 and a half.
Truvy: Perfect!
Clairee: Lord, give us strength!!
Ouiser: Oh, God, come here, Rhett!!
Annelle: That is one ugly dog. What kinda dog is that?
Clairee: If it had hair, it'd be a St. Bernard.
Ouiser: This is it, I have found it, I am in Hell!!
Truvy: Good mornin, Ouiser.
Ouiser: Don't try to get on my good side, Truvy. I no longer have one! Come here, Rhett.
Truvy: You're a little early, ain't ya?
Ouiser: That is PRECISELY why I'm here! I've gotta talk to M'Lynn about her husband. He is a boil on the butt of humanity!
M'Lynn: I'm sorry, Ouiser. This whole thing has gotten outta hand.
Ouiser: It's not your fault, M'Lynn. Ya know, l used to think you were crazy for marryin' that man. Then, for a few years, l thought you were glutton for punishment. Now l realize you must be on some mission from God.
Shelby: Miss Ouiser, Daddy isn't trying' to drive you crazy. He's tryin' to make my reception nice. His heart's in the right place.
M'Lynn: Ouiser, l know for a fact there will be no more gunshots.
Ouiser: But he was gonna fire a gun at me!!
M'Lynn: They're blanks. Drum would never, ever point a gun at a lady.
Ouiser: He's a real gentleman. l bet he takes the dishes outta the sink before he pees in it. (sees Annelle.) Who the hell are you?
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