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Truvy: [laughs] Are you gonna quit your nursin' job?
Shelby: Never! I love it! I love bein' around all those babies!!
M'Lynn: Drum and I both feel that she should not work after she gets married.
Shelby: Well I'm so anxious to discuss this topic for the 900th time this week!!
M'Lynn: You should not be on your feet all day!! You should be kinder to your circulatory system!!
Shelby: Ya know what you need in here, Truvy? You need a radio. Music is a wonderful thing to have in the background. It takes the pressure off of everybody feeling they have to talk so much.
Truvy: Oh, I used to have one, but I smalled it against the wall when I couldn't figure out where the batteries went. Of course, I know now I was suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.
Clairee: A radio. What did I just hear—? Oh, yes! The Antilley family is sellin' KPPD! I wonder how much radio stations sell for.
Shelby: Miss Clairee. You should buy KPPD! You got plenty of money!
Clairee: What would I do with a radio station? Oh, business never interested me. Lloyd took care of all that stuff. Shelby, I hope you and Jackson will be as happy as Lloyd and I were. We had such a good time. Until November. Well, at least he hung on through the state playoffs.
Shelby: Miss Clairee, there are still good times to be had.
Clairee: Well, I really do love football, but it's hard to parlay that into a reason to live.
Truvy: What are your colors, Shelby?
Shelby: They're blush and bashful.
M'Lynn: Her colors are pink and pink.
Shelby: My colors are blush and bashful, Mama.
M'Lynn: How precious is this wedding gonna get, I ask you?
Shelby: My colors are blush and bashful. I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other.
M'Lynn: But the bridesmaids dresses, they are really beautiful.
Shelby: Ceremony will be too. The walls are banked with sprays of flowers, and my two shades of blush and bashful. Pink carpets especially laid out for my service, and pink silk bunting, draped over anything that would stand still.
M'Lynn: That sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto Bismol!
Shelby: I like pink! Pink is my signature color.
Truvy: How many bridesmaids?
Shelby: Nine!
Truvy: Nine?! Good Lord!!
Shelby: Exactly. Mama made me have my cousins and Margie St. Maurice.
M'Lynn: Shelby, let's not go into this now! You know there was no way around it!
Shelby: It will be pretentious. And Daddy always says, An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.
M'Lynn: The poet laureate of Dogwood Lane.
Shelby: Mama, I wish you'd get off Daddy's back.
M'Lynn: Shelby, look, now l don't really wanna get into—
Truvy: Fill us in on the reception!!
Shelby: My reception! My reception! Ferns, dancing, tons of people! Every pink flower west of the Mississippi. Wedding cake in the dining room and the groom's cake... Hidden in the carport?
M'Lynn: Shelby and I, we agree on one thing.
M'Lynn and Shelby: The groomscake!!
Shelby: It's awful!! lt's in the shape of a giant armadillo.
Truvy: An armadillo?! You're jokin' right?
Shelby: No. Jackson wanted a cake in the shape of an armadillo. He's got an aunt that makes them.
Clairee: It's unusual.
M'Lynn: It's repulsive! It's got gray icing! I can't even begin to think how you make gray icing!
Shelby: Worse the cake part is red velvet cake. Blood red!! People are gonna be hackin' into this poor animal that looks like it's bleedin' to death.
M'Lynn: The rehearsal supper was a real experience.
Shelby: Mama, it wasn't that bad! It was out at Jackson's uncle's place on the river.
M'Lynn: Jackson comes from the good old Southern family with good old Southern values. Ya either shoot it, stuff it or marry it.
Shelby: They're simply outdoorsy, that's all.
Truvy: Did ya'll do anything especially romantic?
Shelby: We drove down to Frenchmen's Point and went parkin'!
M'Lynn: Oh, Shelby. Really!
Truvy: Oh, M'Lynn, leave her alone. This is my favorite part. This is the romantic part. Now, see, that's what really melts my butter.
Shelby: well, then we went skinny dipping, and we did things that frightened the fish.
Clairee: It's been a long time since we had a youngster in this place.
Shelby: We talked and talked and talked…
Truvy: I love those kinda talks in the arms of the man you love!
Shelby: Actually, we fought most of the time.
Truvy: You fought?
Shelby: Well, cause I told him I wouldn't marry him.
M'Lynn: What?!
Clairee: Why'd you go and do a thing like that?
Shelby: Oh, it's okay now. We worked it all out.
Truvy: Oh, it's probably one of those last minute jitter things.
Shelby: No, but the weddin's still on.
Truvy: Well, thank goodness. [pointing to Shelby's hairstyle] 'Cause this is going to be in the hairdo hall of fame.
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