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Staying Alive

Staying Alive quotes

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View Quote Doorman: Are you expected?
Tony Manero: To do what?
View Quote Jackie: You know a woman's career as a dancer is as half as long as a man's? So that means I have as half as many chances of making it, right?
View Quote Jessie: You wanna dance? You follow my rules! This is not a democracy! You know, you're not the greatest dancer ever to hit Broadway.
View Quote Joy: Hello, I'm Joy...
Tony Manero: ...And I'm happiness.
View Quote Laura: Oh, don't take it personally.
Tony Manero: I've got to, there's no one else in the room!
View Quote Laura: Who do you think you're dealing with? Some little groupie who jumps when you call, is this who you think I am? We met, we made it, what do you think it was, true love? And you say I used you but what about you using me? Everybody uses everybody, don't they?
View Quote Mrs. Manero: I don't believe it and don't get fresh with me. This, this attitude you're talking about, that's what got you out of this damn neighborhood.
View Quote Tony Manero: Did you hear the way she talked? All intelligent like.
Jackie: Tony, an accent doesn't make you intelligent, if it did, you'd be Einstein.
View Quote Tony Manero: Don't worry. She's in good hands.
Carl: And what are you, Allstate, pal?
Tony Manero: Yeah, you want disability?
View Quote Tony Manero: Everybody uses everbody, don't they?
Jessie: Go to hell, Manero!
View Quote Tony Manero: Last time I came over, I almost got brain damaged. You guys party too hard, you ought to be a tag team.
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Tony Manero: You know what I wanna do?
Jackie: What?
Tony Manero: Strut.