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[The Falcon jumps out of hyperspace into a dense field of rocks and debris.]
Han Solo: What the—?
Luke Skywalker: What's going on?
Han Solo: Our position is correct, except, no Alderaan.
Luke Skywalker: What do you mean? Where is it?
Han Solo: Thats what I'm trying to tell you, kid. It ain't there. It's been totally blown away.
Luke Skywalker: What!? How?
Ben Kenobi: [grimly] Destroyed. By the Empire.
Han Solo: The entire star fleet couldn't destroy the whole planet. It'd take a thousand ships with more fire power than I've— there's another ship coming in!
Luke Skywalker: Maybe they know what happened.
[A TIE fighter flies over the ****pit]
Ben Kenobi: It's an Imperial fighter.
Luke Skywalker: It followed us!
Ben Kenobi: No, it's a short-range fighter.
Han Solo: There aren't any bases around here. Where did it come from?
Luke Skywalker: It sure is leaving in a big hurry. If they identify us, we're in big trouble.
Han Solo: Not if I can help it. Chewie, jam its transmissions.
Ben Kenobi: It'd be as well to let it go. It's too far out of range.
Han Solo: Not for long.
Ben Kenobi: A fighter that size couldn't get this deep into space on its own.
Luke Skywalker: He must have gotten lost, been part of a convoy or something.
Han Solo: Well, he ain't going to be around long enough to tell anyone about us.
Luke Skywalker: Look at him. He's headed for that small moon.
Han Solo: I think I can get him before he gets there. He's almost in range.
Ben Kenobi: [with sudden realization] That's no moon. It's a space station.
Han Solo: It's too big to be a space station.
Luke Skywalker: I have a very bad feeling about this.
Ben Kenobi: Turn the ship around.
Han Solo: Yeah. I think you're right...

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