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Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture quotes

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View Quote Willard Decker: Captain, Voyager 6 disappeared into what they used to call a black hole.
James T. Kirk: It must have emerged on the far side of the galaxy... and fell into the machine planet's gravitational field.
Spock: The machine inhabitants found it to be one of their own kind-- primitive, yet kindred. They discovered its simple 20th-century programming-- collect all data possible.
Willard Decker: Learn all that is learnable. Return that information to its creator.
Spock: Precisely, Mr. Decker. The machines interpreted it literally. They build this entire vessel... so that Voyager could actually fulfill its programming.
James T. Kirk: And on its journey back, it amassed so much knowledge... it achieved consciousness itself. It became a living thing.
View Quote [A transporter accident just occurred.]
James T. Kirk: Starfleet, do you have them?
Man: [on radio] Enterprise, what we brought back didn't live long, fortunately.
James T. Kirk: Starfleet, Kirk. Please express my condolences to their families. Commander Sonak's can be reaches through the Vulcan embassy. There was nothing you could have done, Rand. It wasn't your fault.
View Quote [Kirk just got command back of the USS Enterprise.]
Hikaru Sulu: He wanted her back. He got her.
Alien Ensign: And Captain Decker? He's been with this ship every minute of her refitting.
Uhura: Ensign, the possibilities of our returning from this mission in one piece may have just doubled. [2001 Director's Edition only.]
View Quote The human adventure is just beginning. [Closing text]
View Quote Three versions of this film exist. The film was originally released in theaters in 1979. The film was first shown on broadcast network television in 1983 and included 12 minutes of additional footage. This version was subsequently released on VHS as the "Special Longer Version." In 2001, a Director's Edition of the film was released on DVD and VHS. The Director's Edition included some additional dialogue not shown in the 1979 theatrical version, and some dialogue was cut out from the 1979 theatrical version. The 2001 Director's Edition is four minutes longer than the 1979 theatrical version. The dialogue from both prior versions that was not included in the main feature of the 2001 Director's Edition was included as deleted scenes on the "Bonus Features" disc. In the quotes that follow, the differences in dialogue are noted when they were not identical in all three versions. Montgomery Scott: The crew haven't had near enough transition time with all the new equipment. And the engines-- They're not even tested at warp power. And an untried captain.
James T. Kirk: Two-and-a-half years as chief of Starfleet Operations may have made me a little stale, but I wouldn't exactly consider myself ... untried. [Scotty gives him a bewildered look.] They gave her back to me, Scotty.
Montgomery Scott: Gave her back, sir? Oh, I doubt it was that easy with Nogura.
James T. Kirk: [Scottish accent] You're right. [both laugh]