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Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver quotes

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View Quote Jaime Escalante: It's not that they're stupid, it's just that they don't know anything.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: My kids could teach you a thing or two, Johnny!
View Quote Jaime Escalante: Now you got a ticket to watch the show.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: Students will rise to the level of expectation, Senor Molina.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: That's right. Tough guys don't do math; tough guys deep fry chicken for a living.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: There's something going on that nobody is talking about! And you know what that is!
Dr. Ramirez: No one has the right to accuse me of racism. [shouting] No one has the right to accuse me of racism!
View Quote Jaime Escalante: Those scores would have never been questioned if my kids did not have Spanish surnames and come from barrio schools. You know that!
View Quote Jaime Escalante: What you got?
Pancho: I got a core.
Jaime Escalante: You owe me a hundred percent. And I'll see you in the People's Court.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: You only see the turn, you don't see the road ahead.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: You think you got it, Johnny? Think you have the answer?
Johnny: Juan is X, Carlos is Y, Pedro is X + Y. Is Pedro bisexual or straight.
Jaime Escalante: Sometimes I worry about you.
View Quote Jaime Escalante: You're like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat there isn't there.
View Quote Pancho: I don't need no math. I got a solar calculator with my dozen donuts.
View Quote Tito: Just don't ever let her know that you dig her. That's, like, the worst thing you can do with a woman.
View Quote (to a thug)
Jaime Escalante: You know the times tables?
Thug: I know the ones, the twos...the threes (shows him The Finger)
Jaime Escalante: (whispering)Ahhh The Fingerman ehh?. I am The Fingerman too; you know what I can do? I can multiply by nine. Three times nine? (starts counting with his fingers) one..two..three, what do you got? (shows fingers) twenty seven; six times nine, one..two..three..four..five..six, what do you got? (shows fingers again) fifty four; how about something more difficult? How about eight times nine?, what do you got? (shows fingers a third time) seventy two.
View Quote [Angel and the little vato enter the classroom, trailed by another]
Jaime Escalante: Are your friends auditing?
Thug: I audited them to come with me.