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Terry: They don't seem to feel the same way about me, though.
Kaye: Oh, you mustn't mind them.
Terry: I'm beginning to feel that there's something definitely wrong with me.
Kaye: You're different, that's all.
Terry: Well now why. I eat the same food, I sleep in the same kind of bed, I've even got a crease across my back from that lumpy mattress, and I'm doing my best to pick up their slang, though I'm not so hot. How's that - 'Not so hot.'
Kaye: They'll get to understand you after a while. Maybe you'll get to understand them a little better.
Terry: Oh, I suppose so.
Kaye: They do make a lot of noise, but it's just to keep up their courage and hide their fears.
Terry: Well now, what have they got to be afraid of? Certainly they're young enough to have courage.
Kaye: Young enough to have fears too. You saw how excited Jean and Ann got just now and that wasn't a job even - just the prospect of one. You don't know what it means waiting and hoping that some manager will interview you.
Terry: Well, at least you don't have that worry. I saw you in that play last year. You know you're a good actress.
Kaye: [sighing] I'm not so sure anymore. How do you know who is an actress and who isn't? You're an actress if you're acting. But you can't just walk up and down a room and act. Without that job and those lines to say, an actress is just like any ordinary girl trying not to look as scared as she feels.
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