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Spider-Man quotes

17 total quotes

View Quote [Peter sees a large group of people gathered around, with some cops restraining them]
Male cop: Sir, you gotta get back.
Male pedestrian #1: I can't see. What happened?
Male pedestrian #2: Old dude, man.
Male cop: Come on, folks. Keep moving, please. Keep moving. Let's go!
Male pedestrian #3: What happened?
Male pedestrian #4: Someone got hurt.
Peter: [pushing through the crowd] Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Female cop: Stay back. Stay back!
Peter: [sees that the injured person is Uncle Ben] That’s my uncle! [pushes through] What happened?!
Female cop: Carjacker. He's been shot. We just called the paramedics. They're on their way.
Peter: Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben! Uncle Ben?
Uncle Ben: Peter?
Peter: [with tears in his eyes] I'm here, Uncle Ben. [holds Uncle Ben’s hand]
Uncle Ben: Peter... [dies. Peter starts crying]
Male cop: They got the shooter. He's headed South on Fifth Avenue. We got three cars in pursuit. All right, folks. Come on, move back.
[Peter walks away with anger on his face, determined to confront Uncle Ben’s killer]
View Quote [Spider-Man regains conscious after being knocked out by the Green Goblin]
Green Goblin: Wake up, little spider, wake up. No, you're not dead... yet. Just paralyzed, temporarily. You're an amazing creature, Spider-Man. You and I are not so different.
Spider-Man: [weakly] I'm not like you. You're a murderer.
Green Goblin: Well, to each his own. I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero, and they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city, but the one thing they love more then a hero... is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you. Why bother?
Spider-Man: Because... it's right.
Green Goblin: [taps Spider-Man on the head] Here's the real truth. There are 8,000,000 people in this city, and those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders. You, me, we're exceptional. I could squash you like a bug right now, but I'm offering you a choice - join me. Imagine what we could accomplish together, what we could create... or we could destroy, cause the deaths of countless innocents in selfish battle, again and again and again, until we're both dead! Is that what you want? [jumps onto his glider] Think about it, hero!