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J. Jonah Jameson: You're fired. Parker, hello? You're fired!
Peter Parker: Why?
Jameson: [looks at Peter's latest photos in his photo book] Dogs catching Frisbees? Pigeons in the park? A couple of geezers playin' chess?
Betty Brant: [walks in urgently] Boss!
Jameson: Not now.
[Brant walks out]
Peter: Well, I was thinking maybe the Bugle could show another side of New York for a change.
Robbie Robertson: We got 6 minutes to deadline, Jonah! We need page one!
Jameson: [looks over at Robbie, ignores him] Parker, I don't pay ya to be a sensitive artiste! I pay you because... [notices Brant heading back for his desk] Still not now! [Brant walks back out] I pay you because for some reason that psycho Spider-Man'll pose for you!
Peter: Spider-Man won't let me take any more pictures! You've turned the whole city against him!
Jameson: A fact I'm very proud of! Now, get your pretty little portfolio off my desk before I go into a diabetic coma! [intercom alarm goes off; he presses the intercom button]
Betty: Boss, your wife's on the line! She said she lost your checkbook!
Jameson: Thanks for the good news! [turns off intercom]
Peter: Mr. Jameson, please, isn't there any of these shots you can use? I really need the money.
Jameson: [with faux sympathetic 'puppy-dog' face] Aww... Miss Brant?!?
Brant: [walks in] Yes?
Jameson: Get me a violin!
Robbie: 5 minutes to deadline, Jonah!
Jameson: All right, run a picture of a rancid chicken. Here's the headline - "Food Poisoning Scare Sweeps City!"
Hoffman: [leans in] Some food got poisoned?
Jameson: [glares over] I'm a little nauseous, yah!
Peter: [after a short pause] All right, Mr. Jameson. [hands Jameson a photo of Spider-Man]
Jameson: [briefly analyzes the photo] It stinks. Robbie, there's your Page 1 - "Masked Menace Terrorizes Town!"
Robbie: I told you he's not a menace!
Jameson: And I told you...
Robertson: I'll take care of it.
Jameson: I'll give you $150.
Peter: $300.
Jameson: That's outrageous! [hands Peter his check] Done. Give this to the girl.

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