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Peter Parker / quotes

View Quote [drops boxes of pizza on desk] Pizza time!
View Quote [speaks to MJ through a dead phone line] I wanna tell you the truth... here it is: I'm Spider-Man. Weird, huh? Now you know why I can't be with you. If my enemies found out about you... if you got hurt, I could never forgive myself. I wish I could tell you how I feel about you.
View Quote [to himself, regarding his life] Am I not supposed to have what I want?
View Quote [to himself] She (MJ) can never know how much I love her.
View Quote [end of PS2 game, closing narration] Mary Jane, the girl next door, the girl I love, and now, the girl waiting for me at the end of the day. Fate handed me amazing powers, and with those powers came a burden of responsibility. Somehow though, having her with me makes that burden lighter. Still, in the end, it's mine to bear. After all, there's still only one... Spider-Man!
View Quote [pleading with MJ to give him a chance] I let things get in the way before, there was something I thought I had to do... I don't have to!
View Quote [talking to Doc Ock] Sometimes, to do what's right, we have to be steady, and give up the things we want the most. Even our dreams.
View Quote [Doc Ock throws a heavy bag full of coins at him, Spider-Man catches it by his webbing] Here's your Change! [tosses it back on Ock].
View Quote [He has unplugged Ock’s experiment, but it keeps sucking in objects] Now what?
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