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Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer (2008) quotes

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Racer X/ Rex Racer
Speed Racer
Taejo Togokhan

View Quote Ben Burns: [to Speed, in the Fuji locker room] Hey, kid.
Speed: Ben Burns?...
Ben Burns: Nice race. I ain't seen moves like that in a long time.
Speed: [pause] Didn't matter. I still lost.
Ben Burns: Yeah. Tough break.
Ben Burns: Well. Good luck. [turns to leave]
Speed: [pause] Mr. Burns, can I ask you something?
Ben Burns: Sure, kid.
Speed: The '43 Prix. Did you know you were gonna win?
Ben Burns: [pause] Y'know, everybody thought that me and Stickleton hated each other. Funny, ain't it?
View Quote Mom: Distracted?
Speed's Teacher: No, that's not exactly right. Your son seems to be interested in only one thing. All he talks about, all he seems capable of thinking about, is automobile racing.
Mom: Well, you know, his father designs racing cars.
Speed's Teacher: And where is your husband?
Mom: Working. He couldn't be here.
Speed's Teacher: Perhaps the apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree.
View Quote Racer X: Are you hurt?
Taejo: N...N..No.
Racer X: Then get up.
View Quote Royalton: [on the phone to Cruncher Block] Ineptitude. IS THIS WHAT I PAY YOU FOR?!?!
Cruncher Block: They ain't chequered yet.
Royalton: If they do, I assure you, it will be a very costly mistake for everyone!
View Quote Speed: [finding him hiding in his trunk] Spritle!
Trixie: You little sneak!
Spritle: It wasn't my idea!
Speed: Oh no?
Spritle: [pointing to Chim-Chim, who points back] It was his.
View Quote Trixie: Oh my God. Was that a ninja?
Pops: More like, a non-ja.--Terrible, what passes for a ninja these days.
Trixie: Cool beans!
View Quote (Repeated Twice) No, Please!
View Quote Don't fall apart yet... There's still a lot of race to run.
View Quote A CIB man will be posted outside your room. We got their attention today. You and Trixie should be very careful.
View Quote Are you going to the track? Mom said you were, you don't have to drop me off, I can just go with you.
View Quote Are you kidding? Every one of us has to find a reason to do this. You don't climb into a T-180 to be a driver; you do it because you're driven.
View Quote But the Mach 5's your car!
View Quote Can I come with you, Rex?
View Quote Do what he'd do. Break his legs and let him walk back.
View Quote Don't take it out on me because you feel guilty for what happened to Rex!