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Bill Clinton: Let me just start by saying that it's a real pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Blair here to Washington. Today on the verge of a new century, a new millennium. America is prouder then ever to stand shoulder to shoulder with it's close friend, United Kingdom. It continues a great tradition, and a special relationship between our two countries. [the press begin holding their hands up for questions] Eric!
Eric: Prime Minister, as a friend and as a religious man. I was wondering whether you offered your personal advice to President Clinton during these difficult times of criminal investigation into his sexual behavior?
Tony Blair: That's what in the British media recall helpful questioning. Uh, no. [points to another person] Michael.
Michael: Prime Minister, some people are struck by the warmth of the personal statements of support that you've been giving to the President. Could I ask, had you ever considered that might be a politically risky strategy?
Tony Blair: [pause] You heard the President talking about the special relationship between our two countries, and the great tradition of standing shoulder to shoulder with one another. And I'm reminded of a story from the height of World War II, when Britain desperately needed America's help. It wasn't always certain that they would come to our help, and at one point Harry Hopkins, the emissary to the American President Roosevelt, was sent to Britain. Hopkins said to Churchill, "I suppose you wish to know what I'll be saying to President Roosevelt on my return." Well, he said he would be quoting from a passage from the Bible. "Whither thou goest, I will go. Whither thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people, shall be my people, and thy God, my God. Even to the end." You just asked whether my support, my friendship is a politically risky strategy. I've worked with President Clinton for some nine months. I have found him throughout someone I could trust, someone I could rely upon. Someone I am proud to call, not just a colleague, but a friend, and I happen to think that if you look at the American economy. If you look at the respect with which America has held right around the world today. It's a pretty impressive record for anyone.
Journalist: Mr. President, do you appreciate Mr. Blair's support?
Bill Clinton: [jokingly] No.
[they laugh]
Bill Clinton: I think he should've just come over here and jumped all over me. Thank you.
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