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View Quote We have learned twice before in this century. Appeasement does not work. If we let an evil dictator range and challenge. We will have to spill infinitely more blood, and treasure to stop him later! This is not a battle for territory! It is a battle for Humanity! It is a just cause!
View Quote [giving a speech in Chicago] You have seen what was happening in Kosovo can doubt that NATO's military action is justified. And that military action will continue until Milosevic is defeated absolutely. Success is the only exit strategy I am prepared to consider. We are witnessing the beginnings of a new doctrine of international community. Many nations working hand-in-hand, cooperating on issues that confront us all. You are the most powerful country in the world. [Clinton is watching the speech on the TV] Must be difficult occasionally, irritating. The recipient of every demand to be called upon in every crisis. The cry "what's it got to do with us", must be regularly heard on the lips of your people. Yet the nations with the greatest power, have the greatest responsibility. We need you engaged. I say to you: Never fall again for the doctrine of isolationism. The world cannot afford it. And realize that in Britain, you have a friend that will stand with you, and fashion with you the design for a future built on peace and prosperity for all, which is the only dream that makes humanity worth preserving.
View Quote [to Cherie] No point being here if we don't do things. Big things.
View Quote [on Clinton] I believe in what he's trying to do. What we can do. Together.
View Quote I feel I have no option, but to stand by him.
View Quote This could be the end of me.
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