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George Lang: The Process. And by means of the Process, to control the global market.
Businessman 1: And this Process is complete?
George Lang: It's near completion.
Businessman 1: "Near completion."
George Lang: Very near. This team which Mr. Ross — the Team. The Team. And I think, if I may, uh, Mr. Klein, it would not be amiss to state that both the work and the inspiration for the process was —
Mr. Klein: Thank you, George. I know you'll understand when I say that's neither here nor there. These gentlemen have come down to hear the good news.
Joe Ross: The good news is control of the market.
[The Businessmen interrupt him.]
Joe Ross: Obviously, we don't want to get too specific, for security reasons. So, my task today is to tell you those things which I can in laymen's language. I think I can break it down sufficiently to give you a pretty firm idea of —
Mr. Klein: The Process, yes.
Businessman 2: How long can we hold on to it before the competition steals it?
Mr. Klein: Well, we defend it. Of course. Tooth and nail. This is a proprietary process.
[The Businessmen engage in cross-talk.]
Joe Ross: Without the data, without our actual data, without the formula, the Japanese, or anyone else, for that matter, would have nothing. Should you give us the go-ahead, their actual — [He hesitates and looks at George.]
George Lang: The legal issues are these. We have both the de facto and the de jure copyright of that process. It was developed by —
Joe Ross: Even if they should engage in piracy, their search and development time —
George Lang: — their catch-up time —
Joe Ross: — would put them back — George?
George Lang: Three?
Joe Ross: Three to five years.

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