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Space Jam

Space Jam quotes

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View Quote Barkley: It was this girl, 5'-nothin'. Blocked my shot!
Psychiatrist: When did you first start having this dream?
Barkley: It wasn't a dream! It really happened!
Psychiatrist: Are there any other areas besides basketball where you find yourself unable to perform?
Ewing: No!
Psychiatrist: I'm just asking.
Murray: [pops up near the end of the game] Hey! Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
Michael: That's our fifth guy. Thanks, Bill. Now you get to live up your dream.
Murray: All right.
Michael: All right. We need to score two points.
Murray: Here's how I see it. Duck!
Daffy: Yes!
Murray: You kick it into the girl bunny, down to the post. [to Lola] You dish it back out to the guy bunny.
Lola: Got it.
Murray: Swing it around to Mike over here. You to to the hole and dominate!
Michael: Bill! We're on defense!
Bugs and Daffy: Oh, yeah.
Murray: Whoa-ho-ho! I don't play defense.
Michael: Typical.
Murray: All right. You're gonna have to listen to Mike on this, guys. Listen up.
Michael: Okay. Somebody steal the ball, get it to me, and I'll score before the time runs out.
Murray: Don't lose that confidence! Okay! [stacks hands with the team] Paws and wings in here. All right!
[Stan has finished digging up the golf hole that Michael got sucked down, and still no sign of him]
Stan: This is it! THIS IS IT! I don't know where you are, Michael! But wherever you are, you obviously enjoy bein' there more than spendin' time with me!
Daffy: You'd better hope this Jordan character still knows how to play hoops.
Bugs: You and me both, brother.
Daffy: Listen. How's this for a new team name? The Ducks!
Bugs: Please! What kinda Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks?
Daffy: So sue me! It's just a suggestion.
Muggsy: What are you saying? That I'm trying to disobey my mama?
Psychiatrist: I didn't say that. You did, Muggsy.
Muggsy: But I love my mama.
Murray: It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it?
Michael: No. Larry's white. So what?
Murray: Larry's not white. Larry's clear.
[as Michael's golf ball rolls toward the hole in an unusual way]
Murray: It is alive!
[Michael tries to walk on the Looney Tunes' gym floor, but his cleats get stuck, and he falls down]
Michael: Anyone lend me a pair of sneakers?
Bugs: Uh, sneakers?
[he and the other Tunes look down at their feet; no one is wearing sneakers]
Foghorn: Uh...
Tweety: Sowwy.
Michael: Someone's gonna have to go to my house and pick up my basketball gear.
Daffy: To your house? In 3-D Land?
Michael: Yeah. Whatever you do, don't forget my North Carolina shorts.
Daffy: Your shorts? From college?
Michael: I wore them under my Chicago Bulls uniform every game.
Looney Tunes: [grossed out] Eww!
Michael: Hey! I washed 'em after every game!
[the Looney Tunes laugh sarcastically]
Sylvester: Sure!
Michael: I did!
Daffy: Gross.
Johnson: I've been MRI'd, EKG'd, X-rayed, laser beamed,...
Ewing: Still can't find anything wrong with us.
Muggsy: Hey, maybe there's nothin' wrong with us.
Johnson: That's right, Muggs. Maybe it's just in our heads.
Muggsy: We're fine. It's just some psychosomatic deal or somethin' to do with the moon or the alignment of the planet.
[Bugs and Daffy dig their way into the real world]
Daffy: The view back there stinks!
[they stop digging]
Daffy: Oh, what?
Bugs: We're right in front of Michael's house!
Daffy: I knew that.
Bugs: Shh! Okay. Let's go in this way.
Daffy: I say let's go in that way.
[they split up as they continue digging]
Bugs: He just never loins.
[after cleaning up the gym]
Taz: Lemony fresh!