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Space Chimps

Space Chimps quotes

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View Quote Bill Gates: Oh, I don't know what makes me happier-- Einstein's unified filed theory... or watching monkeys on a treadmill.
Titan: [singing:] I am Titan, I am strong!
Ham: [singing:] No one wants to sing along. [throws banana peel at Titan and he slips] Get a life, one two. You're lame, Three, four. [Luna looking at Ham, mad] What?
Dr. Bob: And to think, I almost dropped out of Havard to start a software company. Who's laughing now, Bill Gates?
Bill Gates: Memorizing sequences is a vital test of the chimps' brain capacity.
View Quote Luna: Let me just say one thing.
Comet: [listening through radio] Luna's alive!
Luna: You are the most annoying, obnoxious, self-centered creature I've met.
Houston: [listening through radio] Ham's alive.
View Quote Titan: You could help me find my crew.
Zartog: There are more?
Splork: Two others. We, uh, lost them in Gunglvyck Jungle.
Zartog: What kind of idiot would go in there?
Titan: Ham.
View Quote [Ham and Luna are walking around the planet]
Luna: (recording) Lieutenant's log: We are stranded on a hostile alien planet. Commander Titan has been kidnapped-
[Ham grabs Luna's recorder]
Ham: And we're falling in love!
Luna: No we're not! Ignore that last part! Delete! Delete!
View Quote What? (Said quite often in the movie.)
View Quote Whoa, which one of us lost our flashlight? That moves? Really fast? Behind rocks? &... has a head?
View Quote [Ham and Titan are fighting inside the rocket, and Titan grabs Ham's fur with his feet] Ham: Ow! Easy on the fur "Furious George"!
Titan: Unruly Crew member has been detained.
Ham: Ow!
Titan: Enact regulation number 815.
Ham: [sarcastically] What's regulation 815?
Titan: [smiles suspiciously]
[scene cuts to Ham tied outside of the rocket]
Ham: Guys! I gotta pee!