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Robotnik: [facing Sonic, Tom and Maddie with his hovercraft and drones at the Transamerica Pyramid] Welcome to San Francisco, Mr. Wachowski. Are you enjoying the clam chowder?
Tom: It's the government whack-job who keeps trying to kill us – UNSUCCESSFULLY! Nice of you to swing by on your way to Comic-Con.
Maddie: Yeah, what are you wearing?
Robotnik: It's a flight suit! Designed to modulate my body temperature and reduce drag!
Tom: Yeah, and yet you still are one.
Robotnik: Ooh, good one! You are catching fire, Thomas! Oh, and speaking of heat, I see you brought a lover. Does she have a name, or should we just call her "collateral damage"?
Tom: Hey, watch your mouth unless you want a little more of what I gave you earlier! [to Maddie] I punched him in the face.
Sonic: Oh, you punched him right in the face, man, it was awesome!
Robotnik: The time for talking is over! It's time to push buttons!
Sonic: Your flying eggs are pretty impressive, Mr. Eggman, but let's face it. You'll never catch me.
Robotnik: Confidence! A fool's substitute for intelligence. [his drones power up, their weapons pointed at Sonic, Tom, and Maddie]
Sonic: That's not good.
Tom: Uhh, Sonic? I know you've got the super-speed and everything, but Maddie and I?
Sonic: Totally defenseless, probably going to get blown up?
Maddie: Pretty much, yeah.
Sonic: Don't worry, I know exactly what to do.
[Speeds behind Tom and Maddie... and shoves them off the building. Robotnik looks over the side in surprise, then back to Sonic]
Robotnik: I was not expecting that… but I was expecting to not expect something, so it doesn't count.
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