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Dr. Robotnik: Are you in charge here?
Major Bennington: Yes, I am.
Robotnik: Nope!
Bennington: My–
Robotnik: Wrong!
Bennington: Name–
Robotnik: I'm in charge!
Bennington: [getting frustrated at Robotnik's interruptions] Is Major–
Robotnik: Me!
Bennington: Ben–
Robotnik: [whispers] I'm in charge. You've never seen anything like this before. This says I'm the top banana, in a world full of hungry little monkeys. Allow me to clarify. [makes zipping noise] In a sequentially-ranked hierarchy, based on level of critical importance, the disparity between us is too vast to quantify. Agent Stone?
Agent Stone: The doctor thinks you're basic.
Robotnik: I'm initiating a sweep sequence. Ten miles in every direction should suffice. [glances back] Is he still looking at me funny?
Agent Stone: Yes, he is.
Robotnik: Tell him to stop, or I'll pull up his search history.
Agent Stone: If you don't stop looking at the Doctor, he'll take a closer look at–
Bennington: I'm not deaf.
Robotnik: And tell him his men report to me now, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.
Bennington: Excuse me? Listen, pal. I don't know if you realize–
Robotnik: I'm sorry, Major. What was your name?
Bennington: Benning–
Robotnik: [loudly] Nobody cares! [mockingly sad] Nobody cares. Listen, Major Nobody-Cares, you know why nobody cares who you are? Because nobody cares about your feeble accomplishments. And nobody cares how proud your Mommy is that you're now reading at a 3rd-grade level! Have you finished Charlotte's Web yet? Spoiler alert: she dies in the end, but she leaves a big creepy egg sac. [as his drones emerge] Ah, my babies! [chuckles] Look what came out of my egg sac! You know what I love about machines? They do what they're told. They follow their programming! They don't need time off to get drunk and put the boat in the water! [to Bennington] And you do what you're told. Stand over there on the edge of your personal abyss, and watch my machines do your job.
[Bennington bedgrudgingly walks away]
Robotnik: Can you feel it, Stone?
Agent Stone: [smiling] I can feel it, doctor.
Robotnik: It's evolution, Stone. It's evolution!
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