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[Smurfette wakes up from her nightmare and she starts to cry. Papa rushes in.]
Papa Smurf: Smurfette, are you okay?
Smurfette: Oh, Papa.
Papa: [hugs Smurfette] There, there. Everything's going to be fine. Having that nightmare again?
Smurfette: Papa, every year on my birthday, I have these horrible dreams about where I come from and it... it makes me wonder who I really am.
Papa: And every year, I remind you - it doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is who you choose to be.
Smurfette: Really?
Papa: Oh, don't take this old smurf's word for it. Go out there and see for yourself. This is where you belong.
Vexy: Father? It's feeding time.
Hackus: [wearily] Hackus dizzy.
Gargamel: Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Apparently, I have to keep you alive. I hope you both appreciate what a tremendous burden this is upon me. [feeds Vexy and Hackus drops of Smurf essence] All right, mind your manners.
Vexy: Thank you.
Gargamel: If you were real Smurfs, I'd be taking essence from you. [pause] I didn't hear a "thank you".
[Hackus burps]
Gargamel: Close enough.
Papa: All right, Smurfs, listen up. I saved enough grotto water from the last blue moon for just such an occasion. I was able to smurf it into smurfportation crystals.
Brainy Smurf: So you don't need a portal. Very clever, Papa.
Papa: Smurf-xactly. These will take us directly to Master Winslow's mushroom.
Clumsy Smurf: Yeah, Patrick and Grace helped us the last time we smurfed through the portal.
[Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity are magically transported to New York, after accidentally swallowing the smurfportation crystals.]
Grouchy Smurf: This was supposed to be Hefty.
Clumsy: Sorry, my bad.
Vanity Smurf: Ugh, I get so puffy when I travel.
[The Smurfs climb up a rope during Gargamel's magic show.]
Vanity: Oh, I bet my glutes look great climbing up this rope. Grouchy, take a look.
Grouchy: I hate my life.
[Victor, Patrick and Blue walk out of the theater; Victor has been turned into a duck by Gargamel.]
Victor: What are you so cross about? I'm the duck!
Patrick: You always barge in and ruin everything. You're like a walking disaster!
Victor: Hey, look me in the eyes and say that!
Patrick: I can't.
Victor: That's right, because it's not true!
Patrick: No I can't, because your eyes are on the sides of your head!
Victor: Ack! All the better for me to see your disrespect! [notices two people staring at him] What are you looking at?
Patrick: [to Victor] Hurry up.
Victor: [to the two people] It's global warming. Buy a Prius!
[Vexy walks to Smurfette.]
Vexy: Hey blondy! Where're you going?
Smurfette: Leave me alone!
Vexy: You mean like you so called "Papa" has?
Smurfette: No, he hasn't. He will come for me.
Vexy: [laughs] He won't. Because he knows you where you really belong. I didn't kidnapped you, Smurfette. I brought you home.
Vexy: It's so nice having another girl around.
Smurfette: Yeah! [hugs Vexy] Oh!
Vexy: [pushing Smurfette away in disgust] Yecch! What are you doing?!
Smurfette: I'm just hugging you. [gasps] Haven't you ever been hugged?
[Vexy is silent and visibly sad.]
Smurfette: Vexy... [hugs Vexy again, and Vexy starts to enjoy it]
[Gargamel, Hackus, Vexy and Smurfette are riding through Paris on a Ferris Wheel magicked loose by Smurfette.]
Smurfette: Isn't this fun?
Gargamel: [frightened] Decidedly not!
Papa: I must've failed (Smurfette).
Patrick: [walks in] Oh...Sorry, I was looking for a place to think.
Papa: No, no, no, no. It's okay. I was doing a little thinking myself. Master Winlslow, it's hard for me but...well, can I ask you some advice? I mean, papa-to-papa? It's about Smurfette. [Patrick sits down and listens] I don't know what to do. I turned her blue. I taught her love and kindness. But the truth is, Gargamel made her. She's only a Smurf as long as she chooses to be. But what if she doesn't? What if she choose him? We could lose her. We may have already. I haven't done enough.
Patrick: Are you kidding? Gargamel just made her, but made her what she is. You stepped in and loved her as your very own. No-one asked you to, you just did. Because you knew she needed that. And that's a...that's a pretty special kind of love. She's way too smart not to see that.
Papa: [enlightened by what Patrick said] You're right. We didn't believe in her because she changed. She changed because we believed in her. Thank you, Master Winslow. That was exactly what I needed to hear. [leaves]
Patrick: [to himself] Me too.
[Victor approaches Patrick, who is struggling to lift a sewer cover to Gargamel's lair]
Patrick: Victor, what are you doing here?
Victor: Grace called me. She said you might need a hand.
[Patrick ignores him and continues trying to lift the sewer cover. Victor begins to walk away]
Patrick: No, no. Victor, wait! [Victor stops] As usual, Grace is right. I could use some help.
Victor: [pointing in a different direction] Well, for starters, you might try lifting the sewer cover. [points at the cover Patrick is trying to lift] Unless you're planning on fixing the phone lines?
[Patrick realizes the sewer cover he is trying to lift is a telephone cover and sighs in frustration.]
Victor: I'm gonna miss you, Smurfs.
Patrick: [to Victor] Maybe you can name a corn dog after them.
Victor: Oh! Now you're talking. [to Blue] We could use blue corn!
Blue: Smurf dogs! Yum!
Victor: Yes!
[In the mid-credits scene]
Gargamel: [falling from the sky] No no no no no! Stop, stop! Help me, Wanda! Help, Help me, Wanda!
Azrael: [meowing] So long sucker! [as he jumped off of Gargamel he grabs him]
Gargamel: [grabs Azrael] And where do you think you're going?! You're coming with me! [he falls in the portal starting the rest of the credits]
[In the end-credits scene]
[last lines]
Azrael: [after a cellphone falls on his head; meowing furiously] You moron!
Gargamel: [gasps] How dare you call me that?! I have bungled nothing! [as Azrael gets off him] Well then, Paris is over my friend, because we're back here in the Dark Ages and I suggest you get used to it.
Azrael: [meowing whining] I want room service!
Gargamel: [sarcastically] Aw, you want room service? Then why don't you tell it out the window?!
Azrael: [meowing angrily] You asked for it! [shows claws as Gargamel gives him a warning]
Gargamel: [gasps] Don't you show your claws at me unless you are prepared to use them, Mr. Pussy foot! Pussy foot! Pussy foot! Pussy foot [as Azrael got angry at Gargamel for calling him pussy foot, he attacks him and Gargamel screams] Stop it! Not the face! Not the face! [He falls down cutting to the Columbia Pictures logo ending the movie with the MPAA rating]
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