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Devereau: The Silver Streak does have its drawbacks, but please try the marmalade. They do provide an excellent cuisine.
Grover: Oh, thank you, sir. I'll tell the boys in the kitchen. We aims to please. Coffee, miss?
Hilly: No, thanks.
Grover: He ain't bullshittin' about the cuisine.
Devereau: Steward?
Grover: Is that your lady, man? She's somethin' else.
Devereau: Steward!
Grover: Stand up, mama. Let me get a look at you.
Devereau: Steward!
Grover: Mm, mm, mm! Have mercy!
Devereau: Steward, you may go.
Grover: Just a little more coffee?
Devereau: No, thank you.
Grover: Half a cup? [pours coffee in Devereau's lap] Oh, sorry, sir. Look what I've done.
Devereau: You... Get out of...
Grover: See what I've done...
Devereau: You ignorant ****!
Grover: [pulling a gun] Who you callin' ****, huh? You don't know me well enough to call me no ****! I'll slap the taste out your mouth! You don't even know my name! I'll whoop your ass! Beat the white off your ass!
Hilly: Who are you?
Grover: I'm a thief.
George: It's all right, Hilly. He's a friend of mine.
Hilly: Hello.
Grover: Hi.
Hilly: Hi.
Grover: So this is Mister Big?
George: That's the man.
Grover: [to Devereau] You ain't saying shit now, Mister Big.
Devereau: I must admit that I'm slightly at a loss for words. But on the other hand, I should warn you that you are a killer and you are wanted by the police in every state and I recommend that you, uh, be careful.
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