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Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook quotes

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Patrick "Pat Jr." Solitano
Tiffany Maxwell

View Quote Jake: I'm worried about the bet.
Pat Sr.: Don't worry about the bet.
Jake: I'm worried about the bet.
View Quote Officer Keogh: Hey, is he messing with you?
Tiffany: No, no, no, this was just a joke. This is a joke I started.
Officer Keogh: There's a restraining order on this guy.
Tiffany: I know! I have a stupid sense of humor.
Officer Keogh: That's not a good thing to do.
Tiffany: Well, I'm ****ed up. What can I tell you? I'm sorry.
Officer Keogh: You're Tommy's widow right?
Tiffany: Yes, I'm Tommy's crazy, whore widow, minus the whore thing for the most part.
Officer Keogh: You're a funny girl. You wanna get a drink sometime?
[Tiffany just walks away]
Officer Keogh: [to Pat] What'd I say?
Pat: She doesn't, she doesn't do that anymore.
View Quote Pat: So what are you doing with yourself?
Pat Sr.: You know, I'm gonna start a restaurant. It's gonna be a cheesesteak place.
Pat: How you gonna pay for it?
Pat Sr.: I'm gonna pay for it, don't worry about it.
Pat: From your bookmaking?
Pat Sr.: Who told you that?
Pat: Mom told me. Outside.
Dolores: I did not. No, I didn't.
Pat: You just told me outside, Mom, what are you talking about? Five minutes ago, we were walking up the stairs, you said, "Don't say anything, but Dad lost his job and he's bookmaking."
View Quote Pat: Where's Tiffany?
Pat Sr.: She left.
Pat: What do you mean, she left?
Pat Sr.: She left. What do you expect?
Pat: Where is she?
Pat Sr.: Let me tell you, I know you don't wanna to listen to your father, I didn't listen to mine, and I'm telling you, you gotta pay attention to the signs. When life reaches out with a moment like this, it's a sin if you don't reach back. I'm telling you, it's a sin if you don't reach - reach back, and it'll haunt you the rest of your days like a curse. You're facing a big challenge in your life right now at this very moment, right here. That girl loves you, she really, really loves you. And I don't know if Nikki ever did, but she sure as hell doesn't love you right now. I'm telling you, don't **** this up.
[Pat embraces Pat Sr.]
Pat: I love you, Dad.
[Pat kisses him on the cheek and runs out.]
View Quote Pat: You have poor social skills. You have a problem.
Tiffany: I have a problem? You say more inappropriate things than appropriate things. You scare people.
Pat: I tell the truth — you're mean.
View Quote Ronnie: Hey, Tiffany! This is Pat.
Tiffany: Hi.
Ronnie: Pat, my sister-in-law Tiffany.
Pat: You look nice.
Tiffany: Thank you.
Pat: Oh, I'm not flirting with you.
Tiffany: Oh, I didn't think you were.
Pat: I just see that you made an effort and I'm gonna be better with my wife, I'm working on that. I wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. I do that now. 'Cause we're gonna be better than ever...Nikki. Just practicing. How'd Tommy die?
View Quote Ronnie: You gotta come see the baby. She's beautiful. And Veronica wants to make dinner for you.
Pat: Congratulations on the baby, but I'm not buying the invitation.
Ronnie: 'Cause you think Veronica still hates you.
Pat: I know Veronica still hates me.
Ronnie: It's not true.
Pat: Yes, it is. Nikki always said that Ronnie's wife keeps her social calendar where she keeps his balls, in her purse.
Ronnie: That's not true.
Veronica: Ronnie! What are you doing?
Ronnie: Okay, it's a little true. But if you think she still hates you, you're wrong because why would she tell me to invite you to dinner? Hmm?
Veronica: Did you invite him?
Ronnie: Yes.
Veronica: Well, can he make it?
Ronnie: I don't know yet! [to Pat] Can you make it next Sunday?
View Quote Tiffany: [tearfully] What the ****?
Veronica: Sweetie, sweetie. Honey, calm down.
Tiffany: You're killing me. You're killing me!
Veronica: Tiffany, please. She'll see how well he's doing, maybe she'll lift the restraining order.
Tiffany: Oh, my God.
Ronnie: Pat told me.
Tiffany: Oh, my God.
Ronnie: He told me you should never throw a marriage out the window.
Tiffany: [tearfully] He did not say that.
Ronnie: Yes.
Tiffany: He didn't say that.
Ronnie: He said it several times, Tiffany. And it's his chance. You gotta give him a chance.
View Quote Tiffany: [upset] Would you just leave me alone?!
Pat: Wait a second!
Tiffany: Please!
[He pulls a letter out.]
Pat: I've one more letter for you to read, okay?
Tiffany: [yelling] What the **** is the matter with you? Give it to her yourself!
Pat: Hey, let me say something. You don't ever have to see me again if you just read it, all right?
Tiffany: This is so ****ed up.
Pat: Yeah, just read it.
[Tiffany unfolds the letter.]
Tiffany: [reading] "Dear Tiffany...
[She stops, surprised it is addressed to her.]
Tiffany: "I know you wrote the letter. [Long pause.] The only way you could meet my crazy..."
Pat: [reciting] "... was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck. Pat." I wrote that a week ago.
Tiffany: You wrote that a week ago?
Pat: Yes, I did.
Tiffany: You let me lie to you for a week?
Pat: I was trying to be romantic.
Tiffany: You love me?
Pat: Yeah, I do.
Tiffany: Okay.
[She leans forward and kisses him.]
View Quote Tiffany: Hey!
Pat: What the ****? I'm married!
Tiffany: So am I!
Pat: What the **** are you doing, your husband's dead!
Tiffany: Where's your wife?
Pat: You're crazy!
Tiffany: I'm not the one who just got out of that hospital in Baltimore.
Pat: And I'm not the big slut!... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry.
Tiffany: I was a big slut, but I'm not any more. There's always going to be a part of me that's sloppy and dirty, but I like that. With all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself ****er? Can you forgive? Are you any good at that?
View Quote Tiffany: Why did you order Raisin Bran?
Pat: Why did you order tea?
[She eats cereal.]
Tiffany: [chewing] Because you ordered Raisin Bran.
Pat: I ordered Raisin Bran because I didn't want any mistaking it for a date.
Tiffany: [chewing] It can still be a date if you order Raisin Bran.
Pat: It's not a date. So how's your thing going -- dancing thing?
Tiffany: It's good. How's your restraining order?
View Quote Tiffany: You know, I used to think that you were the best thing that ever happened to me, but now I think that you might maybe be the worst thing and I'm sorry that I ever met you.
Pat: Good for you. Come on, let's dance.
View Quote [to Dr. Cliff Patel about Tiffany] So she's a loyal, married to a dead-guy slut.
View Quote [to Dr. Cliff Patel] This is what I believe to be true. This is what I learned in the hospital. You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.
View Quote [voiceover] The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that's guaranteed. And I can't begin to explain that or the craziness inside myself and everyone else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think of everything everyone did for me and I feel like—a very lucky guy.