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Graham: I heard a theory that... they don't like places near water. Maybe we'd be safer near a lake or something.
Morgan: Sounds made-up.
[Graham stands and walks over to the foil-capped trio]
Graham: I saw one of them at Ray Reddy's house. I can't be sure, but I got the distinct feeling it wanted to harm me. So, we can choose to believe this lake idea, pack up and go. Or we can stay here, hide inside our home, wait it out. I might be overreacting, but I'm willing to live with that. Either way, at least we'll be together. All those in favor of the lake idea, raise your hand.
[Bo raises her hand, then Graham follows suit]
Graham: All those in favor of home, raise your hand.
[Morgan and Merrill raise their hands]
Graham: Okay. My vote counts as two.
Morgan: That's bullshit! You're cheating!
Graham: Morgan, calm down. I get two votes because I represent two parents here.
Morgan: We don't know anything yet. We'll be safe here anyway. [calmly] I don't wanna leave home. This is where we lived with Mom.
Graham: That's got nothing to do with this.
Bo: I change my vote.
Graham: You can't change your vote.
Morgan: All those in favor of home, raise your hand.
[Everyone but Graham raises their hand.]
Graham: This is ridiculous.
Morgan: You lose. Three to two.
[Graham sits with them]
Graham: We're going to board up every window in this house.
Merrill: How do we know boards will do anything?
Graham: Because they seem to have trouble with pantry doors.
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