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Danny[possessed by Tony]Redrum … Redrum … Redrum …
Wendy: Danny, stop it.
[Wendy sees it written backwards on the door, and in the mirror it spells "murder". Only then they hear Jack chopping on the door with an ax. Wendy and Danny escapes into the bathroom. Wendy then locks the door and clears out the toiletries on top of the toilet's tank to open the window. Jack manages to break through parts of it.]
Jack: Wendy, I'm home.
[He unlocks the door and lets himself in. In the bathroom, Wendy clears out some snow to make room for Danny. She slides him out to safety. When Wendy attempts to escape the same way, she finds herself trapped in the bathroom as the window's opening isn't big enough to let her through.]
Jack:[Advancing in the bedroom] Come out. Come out, wherever you are.
[In the bathroom, Wendy opens the bathroom window again and attempts to escape from there, but she is still stuck.]
Wendy: Danny, I can't get out. Quick, get him out. Run.
[Danny runs out and Wendy grabs the bread knife to defend herself behind the wall and nearby the shower. Inside the bedroom, Jack notices the bathroom door locked and smiles intently knowing his family is there.]
Jack: Little pigs. Little Pigs, let me come in. [gets no answer] Not by the hair on your chinny chin-chin. Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!
[He uses the ax to chop open the bathroom door open and Wendy screams in terror as she begs him to stop. After breaking down parts of the door, he peers in to see her]
Jack: Here's Johnny!
[As he attempts to reach in the bathroom to open the door, Wendy slices his hand]
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