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Wendy: Did you find anything?
Jack: No, nothing at all. I didn't see one goddamn thing.
Wendy: You went into the room Danny said, to 237?
Jack: Yes I did.
Wendy: And you didn't see anything at all?
Jack: Absolutely nothing. How is he?
Wendy: He's still asleep.
Jack: Good. I'm sure he'll be himself again in the morning.
Wendy: Well, are you sure it was the right room? I mean, maybe Danny made a mistake.
Jack: He must have gone in that room. The door was open, the lights were on.
Wendy: Oh, I just don't understand it. What about those bruises on his neck? Somebody did that to him.
Jack: I think... he did it to himself.
Wendy: No, that's not possible.
Jack: Wendy, once you rule out his version of what happened, there is no other explanation, is there? It wouldn't be much different from the episode that he had before we came up here, would it?
Wendy: [distorted, from Danny's point of view] Whatever the explanation is, I think we have to get Danny out of here.
Jack: Get him out of here?
Wendy: Yes.
Jack: You mean, just... leave the hotel?
Wendy: Yes.
Jack: It is so ****ing typical of you to create a problem like this when I finally have a chance to accomplish something, when I'm really into my work! I could really write my own ticket if I went back to Boulder now, couldn't I? Shoveling out driveways? Work in a carwash? Any of that appeal to you?!
Wendy: Jack, please!
Jack: Wendy, I have let you **** up my life so far, but I am not gonna let you **** this up!

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