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Jacob Anderson:  They come closer everyday, pa.
Charlie Anderson:  They on our land?
Jacob Anderson:  No, sir.
Charlie Anderson:  Well, then, it doesn't concern us.
Charlie Anderson:  I've got five hundred acres of good, rich dirt, here, and as long as the rains come and the sun shines, it'll grow anything I have a mind to plant.  And we pulled every stump, and we cleared every field, and we done it ourselves without the sweat of one slave.
Johnson:  So?
Charlie Anderson:  "So"!?  So, can you give me one good reason why I should send my family, that took me a lifetime to raise, down that road like a bunch of damn fools to do somebody else's fighting?
Johnson:  Virginia needs all of her sons, Mr. Anderson.
Charlie AndersonThat might be so, Johnson, but these are my sons! They don't belong to the state.   When they were babies, I never saw the state coming around with a spare tit!  We never asked anything of the state, and never expected anything.  We do our own living and thanks to no man for the right.  But seeing as how you're so worried about it, I'll tell ya:  If any of my boys thinks this war's right, and wants to join in, he's free to do it.  You all hear that!?  Did you hear it!?  You wanna dress up like these fellas, go ahead; here's your chance.  [none of Anderson's sons volunteer; the soldier realises he has lost this battle]
Boy Anderson:  What's confiscate mean, pa?
Charlie Anderson:  Steal!
Sam:  [who has just learned he's being called to service]  I'll hav'ta leave ya; you know that, don't you?  Do you understand?
Jennie:  Do you?
Jennie:  Yes, I'm a woman, but I don't see anybody here that I can't outrun, outride, and outshoot.  I'll unstrap for you, papa, and unhook, and I'll even sit here and watch you ride out of sight.
Charlie Anderson:  And then what?
Jennie:  And then I'll follow.
Charlie Anderson:  That's what I thought.

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