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Shadow, The (1994)

Shadow, The (1994) quotes

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Lamont Cranston/The Shadow
Shiwan Khan

View Quote Farley Claymore: No one controls my mind, Shadow! There a new world order coming, and I’m going to be a king! A KING!
View Quote Claymore: Oh, Margo! What a beautiful dress. And such a…clever neckline
Margo: Excuse me, Mr. Claymore. I’m here to see my father.
[Margo walks past him, but he circles around in her path]
Claymore: So when are you going to come down and see my beryllium sphere?
Margo: I’m not interested in your spheres, Mr. Claymore.
[Margo tries walks past him again, but he circles around in her path again]
Claymore: Margo, you don’t return my calls any more.
Margo: That’s not true. I never did return your calls.
Claymore: I know! I can’t imagine why.
Margo: It’s because: I. Don’t. Like. You.
View Quote Khan: For the last time, will you join me?! You can not fool me; you can not defeat me; your mind is an open book to me.
Lamont: Then learn how to read!
View Quote Lamont: Am I in hell?
Tulku: Not yet.
View Quote Lamont: Could bronzium conceivable be used to make some sort of weapon?
Dr. Tam: Theoretically, yes.
Lamont: How?
Dr. Tam: Well, supposedly, it’s supposed to be unstable on a molecular level, constantly given to expansion. Only the bonds keep it in check. But if the bonds were ever breached-
Lamont: By explosion?
Dr. Tam: It wouldn’t do it. But if the power of the cell were to turn on itself in an implosion, the molecular balance would be released, and you’ll have your explosion.
Lamont: How big?
Dr. Tam: No man can say. Breakdown of the cell would spread to all levels of the cell’s atomic construction. Fashioned into a bomb, it would be catastrophic. I guess you would call it an implosive, explosive, sub-molecular device.
Lamont: Or an atomic bomb.
Dr. Tam: Hey. That’s catchy.
View Quote Lamont: Do you have any idea what it's like to have done things that you can never forgive yourself for?
Margo: Lamont… Whoever you were, whatever you did, it’s in the past
Lamont: Not for me, Margo. Never for me.
View Quote Lamont: I’ll see you later [walks away]
Margo: Hey. How will you know where I am?
Lamont: [smiling] I’ll know.
View Quote Lamont: I’ve got to run. I’ve got a-
Margo: -taxi waiting downstairs?
Lamont: Excuse me?
Margo: Oh, I just sensed that’s what you were going to say. It is, wasn’t it?
Lamont: Yes.
Margo: Ha! Hey, this is getting easier the more I’m around you. You’re like reading a book. Well, thank you very much, Lamont, but I won’t be needing that taxi.
Lamont: Oh, yes you do. I have a very important-
Margo: Oh, great. I’ll come with you.
Lamont: No, no. Last night, we agreed-
Margo: No. I didn’t agree to anything.
Lamont: Do you mind if I just get one tiny little sentence out of the way here; thank you very much. Last night, we both agreed that you were going to leave this morning.
Margo: No. You agreed I would leave. I agreed to no such thing. We need each other.
Lamont: No, we don’t.
Margo: We have a connection.
Lamont: No, we don’t.
Margo: Then how do you explain that I can read your thoughts?
Lamont: My thoughts are hard to miss.
Margo: Oh, and why is that?
Lamont: Psychically, I’m very well endowed.
Margo: I bet you are. Okay, so you don’t need me. But I need you, Lamont, to help me find my father. And I am coming with you.
Lamont: Okay.
View Quote Lamont: Oh, that knife.
Khan: Recognize it? I took it from the Tulku. No, no, I correct myself. I took it out of the Tulku after I ran it through his heart.
View Quote Lamont: So, what brings you to the Big Apple?
Khan: My destiny. Genghis Khan conquered half the world in his lifetime. I intend to finish the job.
Lamont: And how do you plan to do that?
Khan: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. I travelled to this country in Genghis Khan’s holy crypt to absorb his power. In three days, the entire world will hear my roar, and willingly fall subject to the lost empire of Shan King. That is a lovely tie, by the way. May I ask where you acquired it?
Lamont: Brooks Brothers.
Khan: Is that in Midtown?
Lamont: 45th and Madison. You are a barbarian.
Khan: Why, thank you. We both are.
View Quote Lamont: Do you have any idea who you just kidnapped?
Tulku: Cranston; Lamont Cranston.
Lamont: You know my real name?
Tulku: Yes. I also know that for as long as you can remember, you struggled against your own black heart and always lost. You watched your sprit, your very face change as the beast claws its way out from within you. You are in great pain, aren't you?
[Cranston leaps at Tulku, who magically vanishes and reappears]
Tulku: You know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, for you have seen that evil in your own heart. Every man pays a price for redemption; this is yours.
Lamont: I'm not lookin' for redemption!
Tulku: You have no choice: you will be redeemed, because I will teach you to use your black shadow to fight evil.
View Quote Margo: I can’t help knowing what I know about you. And I can’t forget it either.
Lamont: It’s late. Sleep in if you like, there are guest rooms. But in the morning, you should go.
Margo: I’m not afraid of you.
Lamont: [Caresses her cheek] But I am.
View Quote Margo: Oh, God I dreamed.
Lamont: So did I. What did you dream?
Margo: I was lying naked on the beach in the South Seas, the tide was coming up over my toes. The sun was beating down my skin; hot and cool at the same time. It was wonderful. What was yours?
Lamont: I dreamt I tore all the skin off my face and was someone else underneath.
Margo: You have problems.
Lamont: I’m aware of that.
View Quote The Shadow: When you hear one of my agents say "The sun is shining", you will respond, "But the ice is slippery". This will identify you to each other. Do you understand?
Dr. Tam: "The sun is shining..."
The Shadow Punch: "But the ice is slippery."
Dr. Tam: Tell me, uh, one thing. How did you know what was happening to me? How did you know who I am?
The Shadow: [Laughs darkly] The Shadow knows.
View Quote I'll be there... around every corner... in every empty room... as inevitable as your guilty conscience.