N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

[as soldiers prepare a scaffold for an accused witch, Block talks with the pale, thin girl]
Block: They say you've had commerce with the devil.
Witch: Why do you ask?
Block: Not out of curiosity, but for very personal reasons. I, too, want to meet him.
Witch: Why?
Block: I want to ask him about God. He must know, he if anyone.
Witch: You can see him any time you want.
Block: How?
Witch: You must do as I say. Look into my eyes.
[Block does so]
Witch: Well, what do you see? Do you see him?
Block: I see a stiff terror in your eyes. Nothing else.
Witch: No one? Nothing? No one?
Block: No.
Witch: Is he not standing behind your back either?
[Block quickly turns, but sees nothing]
Block: No. There is nothing there.
Witch: But he is with me everywhere. If I stretch out my hand, I feel him. He is with me even now. The fire won't hurt me.
Block: Has he said so?
Witch: I know it.
Block: Has he said so?!
Witch: I know it! I know it! You must see him somewhere, you must! The priests had no difficulty seeing him, nor the soldiers either. They are so afraid of him that they dare not even touch me.
[Block advances on the soldiers working on the scaffold]
Block: Why have you broken her hands?
Soldier: It is not us.
Block: Who?
Soldier: Ask the monk there.
[Block turns to address the monk]
Block: What have you done to the girl?
[the monk turns to reveal himself as Death, once again]
Death: Will you never stop asking questions?
Block: No. I will never stop.
Death: But you get no answer.
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