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Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird

Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird quotes

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Others Maria: Don't forget, Big Bird, we love you!

View Quote Bert: Whattaya see, Ernie?
Ernie: [points his binoculars at Bert's nose] Your nose, Bert.
[Ernie laughs]
Bert: Ernie! Get serious, will ya? We're supposed to be looking for Big Bird.
Ernie: Right!
View Quote Big Bird: And then suddenly, I looked up and I saw... [Miss Finch suddenly arrives] MISS FINCH!
Miss Finch: Hello, Big. Perhaps the Dodos weren't perfect for you, but I have managed to find you another lovely bird family.
Maria: But he doesn't need another family.
View Quote Gordon: Bye bye! Cookie, will you stop eating the hubcaps?
Cookie Monster [eating hubcaps] : Oh, me thing they do delicious, me so hungry!
Olivia: But Cook, we haven't even started on our trip yet.
Cookie Monster: That's okay. Me eat three other hubcaps later.
Gordon: Cookie!
View Quote Grouch patron #1: Hey, waitress! There's no fly in my soup!
Don't Drop Inn waitress: It's comin'!
Grouch patron #2: Hey, I need a glass!
Don't Drop Inn waitress: Broken or dirty?
Grouch patron #3: Waitress!
Don't Drop Inn waitress: It's about time.
Don't Drop Inn chef: [holding out a disgusting cake] This is my masterpiece.
Don't Drop Inn waitress: [taking it] Beautiful! Just beautiful. Never looks any better than this.
[The waitress takes a bottle of syrup from a nearby table]
Grouch patron #4: Hey, gimme that syrup back!
Don't Drop Inn waitress: Get lost!
View Quote Madame Chairbird: Now, here today, we have a sad, sad case that needs our urgent attention. He's only six years old, and he lives all alone, with no other birds around.
Feathered Friends Turkey: He looks so sad.
Feathered Friends Owl: That's funny. He looks happy to me.
Madame Chairbird: [surprised] Of course he's not happy! How can you say that?
[The board members begin arguing around the table]
Miss Finch: Madame Chairbird!
Madame Chairbird: Miss Finch?
Miss Finch: [clearing throat] We all know he can't be happy. He needs to be with his own kind, with a bird family.
Madame Chairbird: True, very true.
Miss Finch: And I know just the family. Where does he live?
Madame Chairbird: Sesame Street.
Miss Finch: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
View Quote Maria: Good! I'll have the tossed salad.
Oscar the Grouch: Hey, better make that two.
Don't Drop Inn waitress: Two tossed salads!
[A bowlful of salad is launched directly at Maria]
Don't Drop Inn chef: Number two, comin' right up! [dumps another large spoonful of salad into his catapult. His assistant launches the salad again, but this time, it lands on the waitress]
View Quote Mr. Snuffleupagus: Oh, Bird, this is goodbye. You're leaving Sesame Street.
Big Bird: Well, I'm not really leaving. I'm just going away.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: Oh.
Big Bird: Besides, as soon as I get to Ocean View, you can come and visit.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: I can?
Big Bird: First thing, ol' pal. I wouldn't go if you couldn't come and visit.
View Quote Oscar the Grouch: [driving into a junkyard] This is where I wanna be - grouch paradise! Just look it at. It's like a work of art.
Telly: It is different, Maria.
Maria: Oscar, I want you to turn this car around right now and head for Toadstool!
Oscar the Grouch: Ah, an angry face in a beautiful place - heaven.
View Quote [first lines]
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise for the Grouch Anthem.
Oscar the Grouch: No, no, no! With the Grouch Anthem, you stay sitting down! Down in front there!
View Quote [last line]
Count: [at the end of the closing credits] That is 278 incredible, colossal credits! [laughs] I love motion pictures! Wonderful! [continues laughter as a thunderclap is heard]
View Quote [Maria is aat the phone booth talking to Bob]
Maria: Hi, Bob. No news about Big Bird, I suppose.
Bob: Yeah, we've located him.
Maria: [shocked] WHAT?!
[Olivia and Linda approach her in response]
Bob: Yeah, he's right nearby, locked in a cage.
Maria: He's locked in a cage?!
Bob: The kids phoned they saw him. He's blue.
Maria: He's blue!
Olivia: He's blue!
Maria: He's blue?
Bob: At some sort of a carnival, the kid said.
Maria: At a carnival?
Bob: Right, Maria--
Olivia: That funfair!
[Linda points at her watch]
Olivia: We passed that hours ago!
Telly: Mmm-hmm.
Maria: That's what she said.
Olivia: Well, come on!
Maria: Bye, Bob!
[she hangs up, and she and the others head for their cars]
Telly: How we gonna get him if he's locked in a cage?
Maria: Come on, Telly! [grabs Telly]