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The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes quotes

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View Quote Espósito: Watch out, because there's a thousand different assholes. There's the quiet, peaceful asshole, who knows he's an asshole, and doesn't **** with nobody so nobody tries to **** with him. He goes his own way without breaking anybody's balls.
Police passing: "How do you do, Inspector?
Inspector Báez: We were just talking about you.
Espósito: And there's the asshole who thinks he's a genius. He keeps ****ing things up, and you have to trail him, getting the shit straight. Well, of that kind of assholes I happen to have two instead of one: The judge and my colleague from the 18th, that I'm still not sure if he's an asshole, a son of a bitch or a combination of both.
View Quote Espósito: What's up, Báez?
Inspector Báez: Pissing, and you?
Espósito: Tired of being happy.
Inspector Báez: You look very happy.
Espósito: Like a dog with two tails. If there is something in life I enjoy is that asshole of a judge sending me to see a dead woman.
View Quote Esposito: Excuse me Doctor, but I think something strange is happening here, right?
Fortuna Judge: Exactly. Wait, wait, wait. Don't leave, now comes the best part, after this you can keep taking me for a moron all the time you want.
View Quote Irene: Good morning, What's up, boys?
Espósito: Good morning, Dr.
Sandoval: Miss Secretary, has a saint died today?
Irene: Why?
Sandoval: Because I see an angel dressed in black.
Irene: [pointing to her black clothes] Oh ... no. It is a method that we angels have to loose three kilos. [laughs and goes]
Espósito: What a cute lil' bastard you are.
Sandoval: [while pretending not to understand] Why?
Espósito: [approaches Sandoval] Why? The broad comes through the door and you already have some smooth talk ready for her to melt. How do you do it?
Sandoval: What happens, Benjamin, is that you see me here dressed as a frog, but I'm actually prince Charming.
View Quote Sandoval: Do you want me to drive?
[Espósito stares at him and keeps driving.]
Sandoval: I bet the dog had rabies and you're gonna ****ing die. You'll see.
Espósito: I don't understand why you didn't stay outside to see no one came. What if the old hag learns that we were inside?
Sandoval: Benjamin, since we came here for the letters, she was eventually going to notice.
Espósito: That's exactly why we decided not to take those letters.
[Sandoval keeps a straight face, without answering or looking at Espósito.]
Espósito: You weren't such an asshole as to actually bring them, right?
Sandoval: Nah.
Esposito: Ah.
Sandoval: And if I did, so what?
Esposito: Oh, f...! What do you mean so what? What do you mean so what? If the old hag realizes we were inside, she tells Gomez and the guy disappears and we don't find him, never in our whole ****ing lives! Don't you understand that?
Sandoval: I don't see it that way...
Esposito: What is it you don't see? You don't see shit!
View Quote [The Judge Sandoval speaks with Esposito and Sandoval, telling them he know that they were in Chivilcoy.]
Judge Fortuna: And my colleague from Chivilcoy asks me to check the car. Want to take a guess as to who's the registered owner? Tell me, who is he?
[Esposito looks at him, pretending not to understand.]
Judge Fortune: Some Es... Espo... Esposi...
Esposito: To?
View Quote [as Sandoval is drinking a whiskey when Espósito enters and sits beside him] The truth is I don't know what to do. Morales gets worse by the day, the murderer knows that we're looking for him, I have a judge who is a moron, I want to kill Irene. And the only guy I can trust in the whole world is a drunk, a ****ing asshole. I have an edge... small, but it's an edge... today is the 28th, isn't it? The drunk asshole hasn't been paid this month's salary yet, and the last month's gone, drank. So when the bartender wants to collect the bill the guy is going to face a dilemma: Either he says he has no money, and goes to jail, push comes to shove, there is a big mess, and his wife finally kicks him out of his house. Or he turns to the asshole of his boss, that would be me, and asks him to pay. But there's a catch: the boss is an asshole, but not such a big one, so he's going to pay... again, but he wants a favor in return. And the drunk asshole won't be able to say no, right?
View Quote A man can change anything: his face, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God. But there's something a man can't change. A man can't change his passion.
View Quote And I don't know if it's a memory, or memory of a memory that remains, do you see?
View Quote How do you manage to live an empty life, how do you live a life full of nothing?
View Quote Please ... Tell him ... Tell him to at least talk to me.
View Quote The eyes speak ... speak for nothing, better to shut up.