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Secret Garden, The (1993)

Secret Garden, The (1993) quotes

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Mary Lennox

View Quote Colin Craven: Mary! Mary! What about the spores, can you see them! Mary! Mary! Mary! Oh, no! [falls out of his wheelchair and onto the floor screaming and crying]
Martha: Lem, come here and help me please! [Colin continues screaming and crying] Put him on the bed! Calm yourself, Master Colin. Just calm down, calm down. Go and see if Mrs. Medlock's back! Shh, calm down! Calm down, please! God.
View Quote [her uncle finds her sitting alone on the moor, after having been led there by Colin]
Lord Craven: Are you out here all by yourself?
Mary: It-it wasn’t wanted.
Lord Craven: What wasn’t wanted?
Mary: The-the garden.
Lord Craven: You’re right, I never wanted to see it again.
Mary: You never wanted to see Colin.
Lord Craven: You brought us back to life, Mary, you did something I thought no-one could do, I won't shut it up again, I promise, forgive me.
View Quote Be quiet! You're the most selfish boy that ever was! I hate you!
View Quote Begging your pardon, Miss.
View Quote I didn't cry because I do not know how to cry.
View Quote I don't care.
View Quote I thought all little girls liked to be tickled.
View Quote I'm coming back tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that.
View Quote I'm master when my father's away.
View Quote I'm not sour!
View Quote I've stolen a garden. But it may already be dead, I don't know.
View Quote If you scream another scream, I will scream too. And I can scream louder than you, and for longer.
View Quote May I have a bit of earth?
View Quote My mother didn't have time to tell me stories.
View Quote No one who's ill can scream like that!