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[After Jill knocks Dewey unconscious, she gets his gun and goes to Sidney.]
Jill: Is this how it's gonna be, Sid? The ending of the movie was supposed to be at the house! I mean, this is just... [through clenched teeth] Silly!
Sidney: Consider this an alternative ending. You're never gonna get away with this, Jill.
Jill: Of course I will!
Gale: Dewey! :[enters Sidney's room, Jill aims her gun at her] Sid... [turns to Jill.] Easy... Okay, okay... What about the book?
Jill: Looks like I'll just have to write it myself! [Judy appears and saves Gale through the hospital bed. Jill shoots, but misses] Goddammit! [Gale and Judy hide under the bed.] Don't even think about shooting, [aims the gun at Dewey.] or I'll blow Dewey's head off. [Gale and Judy turn to each other] What, you think I won't do it?! Give me your gun!
Gale: [to Judy] Do it.
[Judy slowly rises. Sidney gets up and sees this. Judy slowly raises her hands.]
Jill: Just had to be the hero, huh? [aims the gun at Judy.] Give me your gun. [Judy doesn't respond.] What are you, deaf?! Give me! Your gun! [Judy tosses the gun to Jill, who kicks it away. Sidney reaches for the defibrilator] Now get up. [Judy does so] And keep your hands over your head.
Deputy Hicks: Don't do anything stu---
[Jill shoots her in the chest.]
Jill: Don't ****ing tell me what to do!
Gale: Oh, God...
[Jill aims the gun at Gale.]
Jill: Now get up, bitch!
Gale: Okay.
Jill: Get up! [Gale looks at her] Now!
Gale: Okay.
[Gale slowly gets up and checks Sidney.]
Jill: Come on! [Gale checks Dewey, who regains consciousness.] Let's go. Get your skinny ass out here!
Gale: Okay.
[Sidney turns on the defibrillator.]
Jill: I'm gonna enjoy blowing your head off.
Gale: Okay, but... Can I just have one final word?
Jill: [scoffs] What? "Please?"
[Sidney grabs two defibrillator pads.]
Gale: No... [The defibrillator charges to 360 joules.] Clear.
Jill: [confused] Clear?
[Sidney appears behind Jill, with the defibrillator]
Sidney: Clear. [electrocutes Jill, until she collapses on the floor.] You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill: "Don't **** with the original".
[Gale goes to Dewey.]
Gale: Oh, my God, Dewey!
Sheriff Riley: What did I get hit with?
Sidney: Don’t ask.
Gale: [to Sidney] Are you okay?
[Sidney nods]
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