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Billy Loomis: [after Sydney disappears] Where are they? Where are they?
Stu Macher: [coughs] I don't know, Billy, but I'm hurtin', man.
Billy Loomis: Where the ****--?
[phone rings]
Stu Macher: Should I let the machine get it?
Billy Loomis: [picks up phone] Hello?
Sidney Prescott: [as Ghostface] Are you alone in the house?
Billy Loomis: Bitch! You bitch, where the **** are you?!
Sidney Prescott: [as Ghostface] Not so fast. We're gonna play a little game. It's called [normal voice] guess who just called the police, and reported your sorry mother****ing ass?!
Billy Loomis: Find her, you dipshit! Get up!
Stu Macher: I can't, Billy. You already cut me too deep. I think I'm dying here, man.
Billy Loomis: [puts phone on Stu and whispers] Talk to her. Talk to her.
Stu Macher: Hello?
Sidney Prescott: Ohh, Stu, Stu, Stu. What's your motive? Billy's got one. The police are on their way. What are you gonna tell them?
Stu Macher: Peer pressure. I'm far too sensitive.
Billy Loomis: We'll rip you up, you bitch, just like your ****ing mother!
Sidney Prescott: You've gotta find me first, you pansy-ass mama's boy!
Billy Loomis: [angrily] ****! [throws phone]
Stu Macher: [gets hit by phone] Ow. ****in' hit me with the phone, dick!
Billy Loomis: [smashing everything] ****er, where are you?! Aah! [rips pillow] Aah, you ****! [angrily growls]
Stu Macher: Did you really call the police?
Sidney Prescott: You bet your sorry ass I did.
Stu Macher: [worried and scared; as Billy smashes everything in background] My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me.
Billy Loomis: Aaah! Bitch!
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