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Sidney quotes

View Quote Would you settle for a PG-13 relationship?
View Quote I'm sorry if my traumatized life is an inconvenience to your perfect existence.
View Quote You sick ****s. You've seen one too many movies!
View Quote [Billy: Hello?] [as Ghostface] Are you alone in the house? [Billy: Bitch! You bitch! Where the **** are you?!] Not so fast. We're gonna play a little game. It's called [normal voice] "Guess Who Just Called the Police and Reported Your Sorry Mother****ing Ass"! [Billy: Find her, you dipshit! Get up!] [Stu: I can't, Billy. You already cut me too deep. I think I'm dying here, man.] [Billy: [puts phone on Stu and whispers] Talk to her. Talk to her.] [Stu: Hello?] Ohh, Stu, Stu, Stu. What's your motive? Billy's got one. The police are on their way. What are you going to tell them? [Stu: Peer pressure. I'm far too sensitive.] [Billy: We'll rip you up, you bitch, just like your ****ing mother!] You've gotta find me first you pansy-ass mama's boy!
View Quote [when she, Tatum, and Dewey are discussing who would play her in a movie, in fact, Tori Spelling plays her character in the fictional Stab series] With my luck, I'll end up with Tori Spelling.
View Quote [Ghostface: Do you like scary movies?] What's the point? They're all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door. It's insulting.
View Quote Are you alone in the house?
View Quote You know, if, if I was wrong about Cotton Weary, then the killer's still out there.
View Quote Why can't I be a Meg Ryan movie? Or even a good porno?
View Quote But this is life.& This isn't a movie.
View Quote How do you...gut someone?
View Quote Hello. Help me, please. I'm at Stu Macher's house on Turner Lane. It's 261. Turner Lane, please. He's gonna trying to kill me.
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