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Kim: Where's Knives? Not coming tonight?
Scott: No, we broke up. Hey, check it out. I learned the bass line from Final Fantasy II. [strums "Final Fantasy II" bass line.]
Kim: Scott, you are the salt of the Earth.
Scott: [obliviously] Oh, thanks.
Kim: I meant, "S**** of the Earth."
Scott: [obliviously] Thanks.
Young Neil: You broke up with Knives?
Scott: Yeah. But don't worry. Maybe soon, you'll meet my new-new girlfriend.
Young Neil: "New-new"?
[Kim mimics shooting herself through the head while imitating a gunshot, and collapses on her drum kit.]
Stephen: Okay. From here on out, no girlfriends or girlfriend talk at practice, whether they're old, new, or new-new.
Young Neil: [at the same time as Stephen] New-new.
Stephen: We were lucky to survive the last round. It's sudden death now, okay?
Scott: Okay. [he and Sex Bob-Omb play "Summertime," but a doorbell ringing interrupts him] [excited] That's for me! That's for me, that's for me. [opens door from Ramona] Hey, you're here. [notices Ramona's hair is blue.]
Ramona: Yes, like you said. [Ramona enters and Scott closes the door.]
Scott: You know your hair?
Ramona: I know of it.
Scott: It's all blue.
Ramona: I change my hair every week-and-a-half, dude. Get used to it. [Scott stares at Ramona's hair] do you guys all know each other?
Young Neil: Um, high school, I guess.
Stephen: What Neil said.
Young Neil: [introducing himself] I'm Neil.
Kim: [to Ramona, smiling] Believe it or not, I actually dated Scott in high school.
Ramona: Oh, got any embarrassing stories?
Kim: [chuckles] Yeah. [smile disappears] He's an idiot.
Scott: [puts on hat] Okay, bye. See you guys tomorrow.
Stephen: What about rehearsal?
Scott: Neil knows my parts. [he and Ramona leave]
Young Neil: I'm Neil. [Kim and Stephen stare at him]

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