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Cindy's Dad: What's going on in there? Ah, ow, ow, Daddy's head is stuck, unstick Daddy's head, ow...
Cindy: Dad, can you knock?
Cindy's Dad: Knock? I thought I heard screaming in here!
Cindy: No, no, you didn't, Dad.
Cindy's Dad: Oh, it must have been that crack I smoked earlier, I guess.
Cindy: Yeah.
Cindy's Dad: Look, I gotta leave town for a couple days, okay? No big deal, it's just that you know, that new business that I started with those plumbing guys.
Cindy: Oh, you mean Uncle Escobar!
Cindy's Dad: Yeah, yeah, that's right. Well, there's a problem, some money went missing and apparently some legs are gonna get broken, eh, it's just better if I lay low for a couple days. Now, if the cops raid the place...
Cindy: I never heard of you.
Cindy's Dad: And don't forget...
Cindy: To flush your stash.
Cindy's Dad: Oh, you are my little girl, I love you so much. And I left you a little something in the coffee can.
Cindy: Dad...
Cindy's Dad: But, remember you have to step on it before you sell it. Now what are you gonna cut it with?
Cindy: Umm, baking...
Cindy's Dad: Baking soda, not baking powder. 'Cause baking powder guys will have muffins growing out of their noses.
Cindy: [giggles] Dad...
Cindy's Dad: You love that joke, honey. You've loved that joke since you were 2 years old. Okay, well...
Cindy: Have a good trip.
Cindy's Dad: Bye.
Cindy: Bye.
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