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Lloyd Dobler: Check your mail tomorrow. I sent you a letter, a letter.
Diane Court: Your letter came yesterday.
Lloyd Dobler: It did?
Diane Court: Uh-huh. It was wonderful.
Lloyd Dobler: Why didn't you tell me?
Diane Court: It was wonderful.
Lloyd Dobler: I've never sent a letter like that, you know? I mean, I felt like I wanted to tell you something, but I didn't put it in the letter, and I didn't say it, but I want to say it now, I'm not sure if I should say it, you know, 'cause people always say it and don't mean it, but I think that I mean it, so, um, I just wanted to tell you...
Diane Court: No, we don't have to say it.
Lloyd Dobler: How do you know what I'm going to say?
Diane Court: I don't know what you're going to say, but I think that...
Lloyd Dobler: I was just going to tell you that I love you. [pause] I said it.
Diane Court: I know. Lloyd, let's not start putting things on this level.
Lloyd Dobler: What? This is a good level, isn't it?
Diane Court: How can I look at you and say this?
Lloyd Dobler: Say what?
[He leans over, kisses her, and smiles.]
Diane Court: I think that we should spend some time apart.
Lloyd Dobler: What's wrong?
Diane Court: Well, I need to study, and...
Lloyd Dobler: You need to study?
Diane Court: Yeah.
Lloyd Dobler: Okay, how much time do you need? I mean, you know, I mean you'll be leaving in a little while, so that's answered some questions.
Diane Court: We'll see.
Lloyd Dobler: Okay. It's good knowing this.
Diane Court: Yeah, uh-huh.
[Lloyd brings the car to a full stop.]
Lloyd Dobler: Okay, what did we just decide?
Diane Court: We decided...
Lloyd Dobler: 'Cause I'm worried, did you just break up with me?
Diane Court: No, no.
Lloyd Dobler: It sounded like you did.
Diane Court: No. We decided that we're friends. I mean, I know it's a terrible word...
Lloyd Dobler: Well, if we're friends, why can't we see each other?
Diane Court: I think that we should stop going out on dates.
Lloyd Dobler: I feel like a dick. You must think I'm a dick.
Diane Court: No, I don't, I don't.
Lloyd Dobler: Yeah you do.
Diane Court: Lloyd, we shared the most intimate thing two people can share.
Lloyd Dobler: You shared it with a dick.

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